7 Secrets to Creating Exceptional Blog Posts

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Jotting a few words isn’t enough to get readers interested and engaged unless you’re Ernest Hemmingway or Stephen King (or you have a black belt in blogging). Hence, if you find it hard to create unique posts, a blog writing service provider, Allied Writers, shares techniques that best blog writers use in writing contents.  Read more.

1. Define the main idea you want to share.

Blog posts are short forms of written art. If they’re over 2,000 words, they become indigestible because no one has much time for such stuff.

Write a piece with one idea at a time. If you feel you need to say more, write a follow-up content blog.

2. Create an outline.

You can become addicted to writing. In addition, it may be easy for you to run wild on your keyboard without noticing it. Yet, having an outline and sticking to it will make writing smoother.

Likewise, an outline can make sure you haven’t omitted important points and thoughts, and that they’re right where you want them to be in the final product.

For instance, write five short phrases to start the five major points in your post. In particular, list them in bold sub-headings to serve as placeholders for the paragraphs that’ll flesh out each point.

3. Avoid italics, exclamation points, crazy fonts, and excessive capitalizations.

Besides making your text harder to read, huge slabs of capitalized texts may mean you’re yelling at your readers. While you’re at it, stay away from weird fonts that make it hard for them to understand your piece. Stick to simple fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Cambria, and Georgia. In the same way, reserve exclamation points, too, for strong feelings and high volume such as shouting.

4. Use white space at will.

Make white space your friend. Have you ever read an article or blog post with lines and lines of text without paragraph breaks? So, you know how it’s tedious. Thus, use space breaks often to make your content easy on the eyes.

5. Go back to your working title and think of alternative ideas.

The work begins here because headlines make or break a blog post. Otherwise, if your working title is not engaging, change it.

As you write your headline, you’ll notice the first ones that’ll come out are crappy: boring, lame, and full of clichés. Thus, remove them first. Then, brainstorm. Maybe, a question can make your readers curious. Then again, you can add a bold statement, a hint on an unusual solution to a common problem, or a confession you promise to tell to get their attention.

First, write as many headlines as you can for each post you write, and then taper them until you get to the best two titles. Then, blend their most distinct parts and create a fresh one or pick the most engaging headline and make a better title out of it.

Likewise, play with the words by adding, subtracting, or altering them. Turn a statement headline into a question. Further, experiment with them until you arrive at a perfect caption.

6. Edit at least twice.

Read first and focus on the ideas and major content points. Ask yourself these questions:

Did I lead with my “big idea?”
– Are my paragraph transitions smooth?
– Do new paragraphs introduce new ideas?
– Do the tone and voice sound mine?

Then, read for the finer points. Correct every punctuation, grammar, and spelling error. Check for the following errors:

Word usage or tenses (e.g., “there” vs. “their”)
– Jargons
– Clichés
– Misspellings or missing punctuation

7. Revisit your beginning and ending paragraphs.

Make sure you’ve “hooked” your readers. Further, your opening paragraph must surprise or intrigue them. If not, you can’t grab your readers by their shoulders and engage their brains. As a result, they’ll leave your post in haste.

Likewise, show your goal in the first few lines of your blog. Motivate fickle readers. Give them a reason to stick around by telling them what they’ll get from your piece.

Now, move towards the ending. Did you tell your readers to comment on your blog? Is your call to action visible? If you want your readers to do something, say it. They won’t pick that up by osmosis.

For more tips on how to create exceptional blog posts, check out this infographic. Meanwhile, if you need an expert blog writing service provider to produce your contents, hire us! As we’ve said on our site, “our blog writing services can help you humanize your brand with fresh content and targeted keywords.” Armed with the skills on various writing styles, we “can give justice to your special requirements and make every piece engaging for your readers”. For more details on our blog writing services, check our site.

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