5 Awesome Ways to Tweak Your Old Blog Content

tips to make old content new again

Do you have old content that seems to be rotting in your archive? Don’t delete them just yet! As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Your trash can also be your treasure. You can make old content new again. Here are some effective ways you can “recycle” your old blog contents:

1. Turn it into an infographic

If your old blog content is not gaining interest because it’s plain text, why not turn it into an infographic? But before doing so, keep these things in mind:

  • It shouldn’t be overpowering
  • Use the right color scheme and fonts
  • Texts must be readable
  • Use titles and headings
  • Add images when needed
  • Include blog link, sources, and social media links at the end

2. Make a podcast or vlog of it

People prefer to watch videos than read large amounts of texts. To increase the traffic of an old article, make a vlog (video blog) of it and upload it on video portal sites like Youtube.

3. Create a slideshow and post it on Slideshare.net

Many bloggers and digital marketers gain traffic by creating slideshows. You can make yours too and post it on Slideshare.net.

4. Write an update

Trends change from time-to-time. For instance, if you’ve written a list about content writing tips 2 years ago, it’s time you update it with the latest and most effective information..

5. Use social media accounts

If your brand has accounts on different social media sites, use them to let your audiences know you have a share-worthy content which they might have missed.

heres how to make old content new again

Your old content should not be treated like trash but a treasure to be dug up and renewed. Just follow these tips and you’ll get better results as if you’ve created fresh, new content.

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