Eight Ingredients of a Remarkable Web Content

web content writing tips

The quality of your web content affects the success or failure of your site and influences your visitors’ decision to do business with your firm. It can make or break your site.

Whether you want to make a few improvements or do a complete redesign of your website, don’t forget the must-have web content ingredients listed here.

1. Six teaspoons of buyer personas.

Before you write your content, know your market and their needs. Further, it’s great to start by developing a persona. Besides letting you relate to your clients, buyer personas help you identify ideal ones you want to attract.

2. Two kilos of interesting, error-free contents.

Create something that teaches and guides your audience. Although the purpose of your page and message must dictate your copy’s length, experts recommend 300 words at the most. Research, statistics, and quotes are effective ways that can add substance to your copy.Likewise, don’t forget to proofread your work. Nothing can make a poor first impression and derail an appealing content as much as errors in writing or misspellings.

3. One gallon of content goals.

What purpose must your web content serve? Are you using it to show your company’s skill or to connect and build a relationship with your visitors? Which relevant keywords and phrases will drive more traffic to your site? In addition, what tone do you want your content to have, enjoyable or educational? Must you use first or third person? In like manner, make sure your content focuses on driving the right results by beginning with the outcome in mind.

4. Six liters of search engine optimization (SEO).

To drive more traffic to your website, optimize your content.

  • Focus on one keyword phrase per page (if possible)
  • Include the keyword phrase in the title, headings, in the Meta tags, page URL, throughout the content, hyperlinks, and image file names and alt tags.
5. Five pints of clarity and brevity.

Write in the active voice and use strong verbs. Likewise, make your sentences simple and be direct. A long copy may turn users away.

6. Three ounces of right language.

As you write your content, remember to speak in the same language as your audience. For instance, if you’re selling gaming software, you may have clients who are just starting in gaming and a few that are more advanced but want a better product. Then again, for a content that targets more advanced clients, you’d want to be more technical so they’ll realize you’re an expert in the industry. In the same way, you’d want to be sure you don’t use technical jargon when targeting beginners.

7. Four quarts of readable content.

Break your content into easy-to-scan pieces to ease reading. Hence, include headings, bullet points, short paragraphs, and anchor points (graphics, photos, and captions) to make it easy for users to grasp your page’s context.

8. Two cups of web content writers.

Expert writers know how to bring web contents to life. Thus, a professional writing service can   help you use them against your competitors and speak in a direct way to your target audience.

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