Article Writing Tips for Better Search Engine Ranking

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Making money out of your passion can be tough—but not with writing. Is writing your passion? If yes, then consider doing article writing and start earning now. Most people believe that you have to be skilled and talented to become an article writer. Yes, you should, however, you can gain these skills and expertise through experience and following article writing tips like this one from Allied Writers. With the advent of technology, most industries developed their system that would match with the potential market, which is the social media. Thus, the article writing industry became more popular as an important strategy in marketing. So, if you want to grow a career in article writing, you’re probably making a good decision. Heed these article writing tips and equip yourself with the knowledge of writing search engine optimization or SEO-friendly content.

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SEO Optimization: Article Writing Tips for Better Search Engine Ranking

Not Your Regular Write-up

Now, more and more people are becoming tech savvy. Often, they check the Net for details and online reviews prior to making a purchase. For this reason, online marketers are investing more in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to further improve their online visibility. A business firm can employ various SEO schemes to boost its virtual presence. One of which is article posting. This strategy can be a strong support for SEO efforts.

Why is article writing a strong support for SEO?

Because it…

  • Provides relevant info to users. Customers always look for reliable answers to their queries.
  • Pulls in more and better leads. Interesting and useful topics can prompt clients to spend few more time on a page and compel readers to visit that same page regularly.
  • Generates sales.  In most instances, an article can convert leads into sales.

Now, are you ready for your time to shine?

It is now easy to carve your name in online search results and keep pace with the ever-changing world of SEO! What you need is just an extra amount of writing skills and ample knowledge of algorithms that search engines use.

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Article Writing Tips for You

So before you start, here are some useful tips to help you make a well-optimized content to increase visibility and traffic:

1. Conduct research. It is vital to understand fully your market. Know what people often do and look for a product like what you offer. Identify the keywords they usually key-in for their searches. It is also important to learn more about your competitors. Spend time to analyze the keywords or key phrases they use for their own SEO campaigns. This way, you will have an idea of what keywords they use to get a higher rank. Apply them in your own articles.

2. Attune to both readers and search engine algorithms. You need to consider both your readers and the search engines for better ranking. Don’t write for the readers alone; write for the search engines, too. So, ponder on the following reminders to make your article writing eye-catching and search engine friendly:

  • Outline your article.
  • Write content with your keywords.
  • Write as if you are talking to your readers.
  • Vary your terms to avoid repetition and be within the required keyword density.
  • Position your keywords. They should appear on the title tag, meta description, and content.

typing in a laptop while following article writing tips

Article writing tips vary in styles and approach. You must continue to learn the ins-and-outs of the writing industry and continue to hone your skills to become an expert. Hope you find these tips useful! If you can’t make a good online article, seek help from professional writers. Hire our effective SEO article writing service. Contact us now!

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