8 Blog Writer Traits to Look for When Hiring a Blogger for Your Business

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In reality, running a blog is no easy task. Besides feeding it with new blog posts often, you should keep pace with WordPress updates, watch over your hosting account, moderate comments, and interact with your readers. Remember to promote and optimize your blog, too, even though it may mean more work. If you don’t want to add yet another task to your plate, try blog writers for hire. Allied Writers came up with a list of blog writer traits you can check before you ahead and hire one.

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Eight Blog Writer Traits You Should Check When Screening Candidates

1. Imaginative

Based on a Hubspot study, consistent posting of contents leads to higher subscriber growth rates. “Over a two-month span, businesses that published blog entries on a regular basis added subscribers over twice as fast as companies that added content once a month,” Hubspot stresses. That’s good news, right? Yet, regular blog posting means keeping a long list of content ideas, too. So, always be ready with your topics or else your efforts will be in jeopardy. Hence, here’s where an imaginative blogger comes in handy. Blog writers with excellent creative and innovative skills always thought of new ideas, and their imagination shields them from experiencing writer’s block.

2. Reader

Before you hire a blogger, make sure he/she is an avid reader. Writers must love to read books, journals, magazines, and so forth. In addition, they should appreciate the finer points of words and grasp the art of language.

Stephen King once said if writers “don’t have time to read,” then they “don’t have time to write.” Reading the good and poor write-ups inspires bloggers. Such improve their appetite for tricks veteran writers created over the years. Likewise, Seth Godin claims, “Reading more blogs is one of the best ways to become smarter, more effective, and more engaged in what’s going on.”

3. Eloquent

YourDictionary says a person is eloquent if he or she is proficient with words and can describe stuff in a pleasing or persuasive way. This trait is a must-have for bloggers because their ability to use straightforward, an easy-to-understand language will help readers interpret their ideas with ease. Then again, the more they can relate to your blog posts, the bigger the chances they’ll engage and become loyal readers.

4. Determined

A determination is one of the key blog writer traits a blogger can hold. With willpower comes optimism and a set of priorities. Thus, before hiring a blogger, make sure he/she has the drive to work despite difficult times. In addition, he/she must push himself/herself to do his/her best and the motivation to reach his/her goals.

5. Original

“Originality is something many of us have lost touch with, especially in the online world,” says Youpreneur.FM host Christ Ducker. Further, many companies today forgot how to rise above the competition and just go the easy way out, nabbing other people’s ideas and making it their own.

As an online business owner, you must embrace originality. Likewise, hire a blog writer who doesn’t “cut corners” in crafting new work. Otherwise, you need one who can write using his/her voice. Besides helping you form your company as an authority, a blogger who writes original contents can help you boost your social media strategy and search engine optimization (SEO), too.

6. Proactive

Bloggers today face an extraordinary barrage of struggle. Based on a study, bloggers add over two million unique posts daily, making it hard for anyone to stand out amidst the digital noise. Yet, don’t worry! You can always separate yourself from the crowd by hiring a proactive blogger. this is one of the blog writer traits that you need to spot when hiring a blog writer. Writers who reach out to people will help you grow your business and not those who just wait for opportunities to come to them.

7. Collaborative

Besides being proactive, the candidate you’re eyeing can build relationships with other bloggers because a blog writer cannot work alone. He/she must collaborate with other writers. Aside from giving them an opportunity to learn from expert bloggers, collaboration can generate a larger audience for your business.

8. Disciplined

Someone with a controlled form of behavior or working method will bring success to your business. Does the candidate know how to build relationships with readers through consistent writing and by engaging with them often? Can he/she set a time to write, research, and stick to it? Can he/she focus his/her attention on the most important task in front of him/her? If the answers to these questions are positive, then hire that candidate. It’s obvious he/she’s bound to bring success to your business through his/her blogs.

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