Types of Business Letters that Earn Your Clients’ Respect

know which among the business letter types to write
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As the name suggests, a business letter is any letter or written communication used in business. It is a key medium of contact, which the company may both send to and receive from customers. Letter writing remains a viable tool in the modern business world. To help you keep everything in order, know the many business letter types and follow experts’ writing tips.

Business letters are a way to display respect. They convey courtesy and allow civilized contacts between parties. No wonder, they help businesspersons earn their clients’ trust easily. It is more proper to use, too, in cases where emails and phone calls may be too casual to use. Messages vary depending on situations; thus, it is wise to keep a written account of events on each business day.

Do you take advantage of these correspondences in communicating with your customers? What type of business letter do you use?

Business Letter Types

1. Sales Letter

Aiming to compel the recipient to take action favorable to the business, this type of letter contains strong statements and calls to action.

2. Order Letter

A company who wants to buy goods or hire services from other firms writes an order letter. This copy contains product/service details and payment.

3. Letter of Inquiry

Its purpose is to ask certain questions about the product or company in general. It goes straight to the point, seeking info about something.

Besides the three, businesspersons use other types of letters in communicating with their coworkers, partners, and clients. They write complaint letters, recommendation letters, follow-up letters, cover letters, resignation letters, and letters of authorization among others.

Parts of a Business Letter

To compose a good letter, don’t miss out any of its vital parts, namely:

  • Heading or Return address
  • Date of writing
  • Inside address
  • Greeting
  • Message
  • Complimentary close
  • Signature
  • Enclosures (if there are any)

Tips to Ponder

You should be careful in writing a letter. Consider your choice of words, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, tone, and clarity. Don’t forget to put a letterhead and limit it to one page. Always try to be formal and show respect.

Knowing business letter types is one good way to grasp how they differ from one another. In writing, you must know your purpose to compose a great letter. You may look for letter samples to guide you in doing this task. Just be sure to use a template that uses a standard business letter format.

If you can’t write a letter that conveys your message exactly how you want to say it, seek help from expert writers. We offer business letter writing service. To learn more or get a quote, contact us here.


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