11 Tips for Writing a Business Letter that Sells

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With social media platforms serving as major marketing avenues, many entrepreneurs now neglect using business letters. Others have even forgotten the basics of writing a letter to sell their business. In the same way, they don’t realize why it’s important to send mails and/or emails. So, how can you turn plain written communication into great opportunities? Below is a list of 11 business letter writing tips you can use to be effective in your venture.

Business Letter Writing Tips to Make You Effective in the Field

1. Specific recipient

Daily Writing Tips explains that unlike other letters, the ones for business use have an inside address to make sure they’ll reach the right recipient. Hence, always tailor this part to add a personal touch by placing the correct name and position of its receiver.

2. Vivid purpose

The first part of your letter, rather, must tell your purpose. Are you launching a venture, proposing a partnership, or asking for information? In particular, be sure about what you want the recipient(s) to do after getting or reading your message.

3. Brief message

If possible, keep your letter’s length to one page. Further, make sure every paragraph serves its purpose well. Then, remove irrelevant texts.

4. Complete details

Even with concise writing, remember to include the most relevant information. Likewise, your letter must answer any of the five Ws (Who, What, Why, When, Where) and H (How) questions. Such details will tell the receiver about your business.

5. Interesting sentences

Your sentence composition, rather, plays a vital role because it urges the receiver to continue reading and then to take action. In addition, vary your sentence length and style to meet this condition.

6. Beautiful-sounding words

With a language your receiver understands, write your message using formal words. Besides, you may include jargons, but define them for the sake of those who are unskilled in the field. Likewise, avoid using negative words. When you haven’t decided yet, don’t write, “We can’t decide today.” A better way to say it will be, “We will decide later today or tomorrow morning.”

7. Active voice

By showing who acts and how to act or react, you can send your message in a more direct way. Then, instead of saying, “The brochure will be sent to you this weekend,” write “I will send you the brochure this weekend.”

8. Conversational approach

A conversational but formal approach may sound confusing because they seem to contradict each other. Yet, you can talk to the receiver as if you’re having a personal conversation using formal language in your letter.

9. Courteous expressions

Yes, you’re the boss, but it doesn’t mean you’re writing to a subordinate. Lack of courtesy in business letters is unacceptable. In fact, your letter’s greeting and closing parts can show you’re a well-mannered person. Use “Dear Sir/Madam” along with the recipient’s last name. Likewise, closings such as “Sincerely yours,” and “Best regards,” are a neat way to end your letter.

10. Relevant keywords

Although meant for offline reading, your letter must use keywords to let your reader know your venture. You can highlight your products and services through it.

11. Error-free content

A simple misspelling can upset the receiver while a complex error in grammar may displease him/her. Send a precise and flawless letter or suffer the effects of losing a business opportunity because of errors or wrong details.

The business letter writing tips here will help you make a well-written letter, one that will help you market your venture and sell most everything.

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