Cash Cab Your Way to Content Marketing

content marketing as cash cab game
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Have you considered hailing a cab when you’re running late for work? With the usual traffic jam, don’t you just wish for your taxi to transform into a cash cab? Not only have you commuted towards your destination, you also get to earn prizes. The best part? Did you know that you could also cash cab your way to a successful content marketing?

Content Marketing: Your Cash Cab Journey

You’re in the Cash Cab! Picture yourself as the passenger and the cash cab is your content marketing structure.

We’re from Allied Writers and we will drive you to your destination—success in content marketing. We are going to ask you if you have been applying the 2018 content writing tips to your web content along the way. Questions will start easy, and they’ll get harder as you go. As long as you engage in these content marketing schemes, you will boost your website traffic all the way to your destination. But the good, old rule applies: If you haven’t been using at least three of these writing tips, that will be automatically three strikes, thus we will pull you over on the spot, right wherever we are, and lose everything. What do you say do you want to play?

Easy Round: Content Writing

Snapchat as content marketing tool : snapchat ogo appearing in phone
This first round is worth a strong online presence, here are your questions.

Are the following points part of your content writing rules?

1. Direct B2C Chats Through Social Media

It’s not what you may offer to your clients. It’s what your clients want that you should cater, through service updates, feedback, and efforts. How would you interact with clients? Utilize social media.

2. Fleeting Content

In response to your audience’s calls to be authentic, indulge yourself in applications that dwell on short-lived contents. Examples of this platform are Instagram stories, Snapchat, and Facebook’s My Day Stories.

3. Snackable Content

Keep your content bite sized! Most of your audience has a short attention span so you should design your output with their needs in mind. Avoid long formats. Your audience might turn away from it, therefore reducing your chances of engagement.

4. Authentic Brand Voices

Not only applicable to millennials and Gen Z’ers, consumers value brands that tell the truth. Avoid impressing your audience with over-the-top promises. You should advertise what you can deliver.

Medium Round: Online Contents

two people looking at a phone the use of social listening for content marketing
How did you do in the first round? Don’t forget about your shout-outs. That could save you in the game. The next questions are worth a heavy online traffic, and they’re a little harder.

Do you engage in these content marketing tactics?

5. Social Listening

To figure out topics for your content writing, you should make use of social listening. Find what your target audience talks about by tracking dialogs on specific keywords and phrases. You can even track what they say about your competitors.

Aside from mentions and hash tags, don’t focus too much in your social media notifications! You might miss others who are on the lookout for your brand. You can even build rapport with potential clients by tracing accounts that look for references.

6. Hyper-Personalized Control

Tailor your ads unique to your clients. To reach your niche, design your online contents focused on your segment markets. Social media platforms show ads based on your clients’ behavior, downloaded apps, even check-ins.

7. Story-Living as the New Story Telling

In line with staying true, you should appeal to your audience’s emotions. Check Dell’s new advertising campaign about a fictional IT manager. The ad may appeal to your humor as the Dove campaign appeals to a woman’s self-confidence. If you charm your audience, they will embody the message of your brand, turning them not only as loyal clients, but also as active recommendations of your brand.

Hard Round: Quality Content

mobile ready your content marketing 5 people holding phones

Congratulations if you went this far! However, the game’s not yet over! You can take what you have and run. Alternatively, you can stick around or risk all and go double or nothing on this hard round. If you get it right, you’ll leave the Cash Cab with the knowledge about content marketing strategies you may use. If you get it wrong, you’ve reached the end of the ride. Shall we continue? Further your content marketing schemes with this quality content.

8. Mobile-Ready Your Content

A rising trend in content marketing is creating videos ready for mobile. Audience dwell more on their phones, with 2.53 billion in total. While you may not readily implement this scheme because of financial constraints, your organization might gain wide coverage when you optimize your web content to be mobile-ready.

9. Internet of Things

Another trend you can conquer for your brand is the internet of things. Nowadays, content appears not only on mobile or PCs. Try to notice everyday items. Alexa and Google Home, apparent in most homes could suggest products you need at home. Take advantage of this development to gain wider reach.

10. Augmented Reality (AR)

This may seem from the distant future but in reality, it’s already happening. Brands use augmented reality for the clients to live the story. Among these brands are IKEA, Pokemon GO, and Snapchat started to adapt AR. Even Mark Zuckerberg is optimistic about the future of AR content. He even said that it could potentially replace real-world objects. Are you ready to produce quality content?

This Cash Cab episode ends here. Were you able to use your shout-outs? We hoped you enjoyed the ride. If you need more back up for your organization to reach the content marketing success, give us a shout-out at Allied Writers, we’re here to help!

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