9 Content Marketing Trends You Should Focus on in 2019

content marketing trends and its role in native advertising
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A new year is upon us. How has your 2018 been? Were you able to go with its flow? Did you struggle to reach your goal? No matter, this is your chance to get ready for a fresh start! Review your content marketing strategy, folks! Welcome these content marketing trends you can zoom in next year.

3 Sections of the 9 Content Marketing Trends of 2019

Allied Writers have grouped the trends into three−theme, strategy, and technology. We’ve categorized them so you can decide which to focus your digital marketing on.

A. Theme

No idea where to center your brand’s message? Heed the following:

1. Privacy

When was the last time you read a privacy contract, let alone its fine print? As concern for privacy increases, global security laws tighten. Hence, the rise of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) happened. Fit in privacy measures to your business this 2019. Don’t know how? Let us help you make one.

2. Niche Marketing

Because most brands now use influencers to engage in their niche, the market is now soaked with content. Thus, create with a defined niche in mind. Do you aim for young moms with a penchant for dancing? Tailor your content with the 2019 marketing trends! Instead of influencers, use micro-influencers. They have less following than the popular ones, yet they have engaged followers. If you have defined your specific niche and chosen the appropriate micro-influencer, then you’re off to a great start!

3. Authenticity

When you think of 2019 content marketing trends, don’t point to millennials alone. Clients of varied ages value brands that reflect their truth. More than including it as part of your strategy, embody it in your company. Once clients see that you embrace your chosen cause more than talk, they likely become repeat customers.

4. Personalization

What’s the easiest way to catch someone’s attention? Call them by their name. Don’t you feel special when a brand knows you and your choices? The same holds true when you entice clients using your content marketing schemes. Make clients feel welcome when you greet them just as old friends do.

5. Customer Success

Digital content 2019 will lie on customer success. If you contribute to one’s triumphs, surely they will remember who helped them achieve it. The result is two-fold. Not only will you give maximum value to your loyal clients through your content, you also generate strong word of mouth marketing due to your fostered relations with them.

B. Strategy

Have you chosen a theme yet? Hold that thought. Before you apply it, develop a strategy first. When you form your content marketing strategy for 2019, consider these trends:

1. Marketing Funnel Change

When you buy a product, do you expect to hear from a brand about your experience? Would you appreciate if they liked the Instagram post you made about them? Such is the trend in content marketing strategy for 2019. It’s called nurturing. Instead of vendor-buyer relations, you transform into partners.

2. Native Advertising

Records show that 86% of readers are good with native ad, if it’s stated. Explore this option for your digital content to widen your reach, too!
content marketing trends is about big data

C. Technology

Technology is real game changer of 2019 content marketing trends. We’ve come to depend on it in our daily lives. That said, observe how you can use these new techniques to your digital marketing.

1. AI-guided marketing

Since you have the option to check what your target audience says about you. Try social listening. When they mention your brand or the keywords you use, you could ‘see’ them at once. It’s because you have an ally you can call as artificial intelligence. Discover other AI-guided marketing tools this 2019.

2. Voice and Video

Have you tried speaking to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant before? More people rely on these tools when they search or surf the net. This technology makes the internet of things. How would your brand cope? Shift the way you market. These 2019, content marketing isn’t just hitting the right spots as set by search engines. In the age of voice and video, dwell more on how your market interacts with technology in their daily lives.
content marketing trends in 2019 includes the use of voice-assisted technology

Content Marketing 2019: The Only Digital Marketing

Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and blogger, said: “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” Do you agree? How will you gear up? If you need back-up in choosing which of the content marketing trends best fit your company, don’t worry Allied Writers can support you with that.

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