How 2017 Content Marketing Trends Affect Writing for Businesses

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With content marketing fast becoming a means to level the digital advertising field, knowing the current trends will help you outpace your rivals. Likewise, using them won’t just keep you relevant but will prepare you for whatever impact they can bring to your business. So, what are the digital content trends in 2017? How do they affect writing for online trades? Is it practical for firms to find expert help and spend on modern-day content writing? Hence, learn the industry’s hits here, or look for professional content writing services and see your marketing efforts serving their purpose.

2017 Trends and Their Impact

If you’re a business owner wanting to boost your online reach and visibility, you may get hints from these current content techniques.

Visual Content

Are you ready to say goodbye to textual content? Digital marketers now lessen, if not remove, texts and use images and graphics instead to lure site visitors. In fact, most users find long reads tiring and choose easy ones such as those with visual components. No wonder, pages with infographics, memes, and GIFs get more views than those with plain texts.

Most visual contents can “stand-alone”, needing no further explanation. You can post them on your business’ social media accounts as they are.

Today, you may still use your old posts and turn them into graphic forms. Why not make an infographic version of your write-ups such as lists, guides, or how-tos. Use your creativity and end up with “fresh” contents for your readers.

Emails and Newsletters

They may sound too “old school”, but emails are still trendy. Renaissance to digital marketers, many firms, such as media outfits, strengthen their email campaigns now using newsletters. Subscription binds firms and clients.

Besides being a tool for information dissemination, emails and newsletters are a great way to measure your content marketing effort. You can’t gauge your client base, but you can see the ones who have interest in your business.

Now, you can use this feature to let readers and potential clients to subscribe to your newsletters.

Mobile Responsiveness

Digital marketing these days doesn’t work on desktops alone. In fact, mobile technology has changed online marketing the way marketers never expected. Hence, it’s vital that your website and its pages work well on any digital device. Functionality and user-friendliness aid mobile phone users in browsing sites with ease and comfort.

Tip: Make your web pages mobile friendly using visible, readable, and easy-to-load features and contents.

Why Seek Expert Content Writing Services?

Visual contents, emails, newsletters, and mobile responsive pages are hip, but creating them isn’t a walk in the park. Even if you can, you may still miss the following factors that can help sell your business.


With Internet being a massive storage of global data, humans suffer information overload. In fact, attention span gets shorter as each day passes. Therefore, your web contents must focus on an area of your business’ niche to leave a mark. Expert content writers create materials with “recall” factor.


Pros that offer content writing services can align their outputs with your business’ values and goals. They create visual contents that tell stories much like how you want them to connect with your audience; thus, producing good branding.

Now that you’ve learned the effect of modern content marketing techniques, try them for your business. If you can’t or don’t have the time to work on them, hire pro writing services.

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