Which Writing Job Best Fits You?

different types of writing jobs
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Does the clicking sound of your keyboard soothe you? Does the urge to put your thoughts into words become a habit? Writing is a great career platform for aspirants. A person finds purpose and for some, it is freedom. You can choose from different types of writing jobs to pursue. The internet has endless chance to show skills. Even experts use the internet as an effective platform to earn money.

There are fields in writing that can exploit your potentials. If writing is your interest, read this article to know which writing career you can start.

Different Types of Writing Jobs: Know Where You Fit Best

1. Academic Writer

Academic writers are behind writing scientific ideas and research. It translate ideas into a reader-friendly style. This type of writers are in demand because education develops. Academic writing does not cater creativity and free structuring of texts. It follows precise style and method in writing. Its purpose is to link facts and studies  to students in simple way.

2. Technical Writer

Technical writing is complex when it comes to taking info to readers. It focuses to each profession, business, technical processes and terms. Any complex idea that needs to be conversed in a simpler manner is technical writing. If you are savvy person it is perfect if you will pursue as a technical writer.

3. Business Writer

Business writing focuses in two types: formal and informal business writing. Usually, lies under informal business writing are composing emails, notices, memo and posters. On the other hand, writing caters to business related products such as resume, reviews, ads, profile writing, and other formal form. You can even sense hints of ads and selling.

4. Creative Writer

Creativity and originality are the common skills of a creative writer. It is interesting, exciting and a wide type of writing. It caters to various fields like script writing, poems, writing literature, novels, dramas, comics, fiction, and fictional stories. If you have a broad way thinking, then you can start your career as creative writer. Being a creative writer gives you different types of writing jobs that earns well.

5. Content Writer

Content writing is one of the most diverse forms of writing. It covers most of the writing types and has several paths. In content writing, a writer uses general knowledge and research and deliver it in kind, simpler manner. If you enjoy writing in a creative yet informative way, pursue content writing as career.

6. News Writer

News writing is divided into sections. It is both a helpful and engaging type of writing. Linked to arts and communication, news writing is platform to report and educate viewers, readers and listeners. Writing should be unbiased and must have direct objective. If you can observe around and inform events, then news writing career fits you.

7. Blogger

Blogging is more informational yet entertaining type of content writing. It is easy to write a blog but aiming to write an engaging one requires skill. You must catch a reader’s attention from the start. Blogging allows you to enter different types of writing jobs. Blog ranks up website position that is why blog writers are in demand.

8. Columnist

A columnist writes for publications in newspapers and magazine. It is a series of articles that contains comments and opinion in specific topics. It typically appears in newspapers, provided in small to medium size columns. Become a columnist writer if you can defend your opinions and beliefs.

9. Public Relations Writer

This writing field is under technical writing. It primarily focus in creating a content effective for public relation websites. A PR writer construct content that is exclusive for the site. It caters for contents that has marketing aims.

10. Travel writer

If you love travelling and writing, becoming a travel writer is best for you. Travelling to places for free is exciting. Add the best part of you getting paid for writing about it. In travel writing, you have to engage your readers. Even if you are selling or promoting brands, catching your reader’s interest is important. A travel writer should be creative and playful in writing its content. Like creative writing, it aims to persuade readers and to inform must travel places.

11. Freelance Writer

Freelance writer by its term is not a full time writer. However, freelance writers are flexible to meet writing goals. It caters to almost all of the writing fields and capable of writing various type of content. Some would find a specific area to focus but if you could write different articles then call yourself as a freelance writer. It has a wide opportunity especially today that internet has become global.

Writing is interesting and it may sound easy. But to write in order to inform and engage is harder. Choose the right writing job to lead you to successful profession. If you enjoy writing then you can do self-assessment and choose from different types of writing job.

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