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It has become quite a practice for high school and college students to hire someone to write their papers for them. From a teacher’s point-of-view, this is quite bad. But realistically speaking, if the essay or report is crucial and important, might as well have a professional writer handle it or avail from a trustworthy company with custom writing services. There are loads of businesses that promise quality writing services, but be wary because scammers tend to pop out everywhere.

So, is it possible for one to distinguish a legit service provider from a fraudulent one?

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Three Things You Must Check in Finding the Right Company with Custom Writing Services

All about the money

Scammers usually look to get the money ASAP without giving any solid guarantees about the project they need to do. If the negotiation revolves around the payment rather than the writing service, then that’s red flag number one.

Site Layout

A website that has more grammatical errors than the number of deleted scenes in 50 Shades of Grey obviously cannot be trusted. Why? They can’t even proofread the content on their site, how can they do so in the writing projects they accept? Also, the content of the website must be up to date. If they fail these things, that’s red flag number two.

Social Networking

It doesn’t mean that if a business does not have an account on social media sites then they are fakes. It’s more of a precautionary measure really. The more active they are on social media sites, and the more clients they have on those accounts, then the more legit they would seem.

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What about the real deal? How can we spot them? Here’s how:

References and Testimonials

This is important because that means they have done this before for other people, and they did a good job. Enough to convince their clients to back them up if needed. References and testimonials can be difficult to observe because sometimes, desperate companies tend to falsify this factor. But still, you can always count for the testimonials present in the company’s website.

Satisfaction Guarantee

This normally means that if their client is not satisfied, they can get revisions until it meets their expectations and satisfaction. Besides, if the company with custom writing services offers revisions, it means that they value their customer’s satisfaction.

Customer Service and Communication

Talking to a live person and keeping communication lines open throughout the project is important. This ensures trust, and it’s easier to negotiate. There are some reckless firms who use different website technologies to collect people’s information. However, this problem decreases if you can talk to a professional who keeps you updated throughout the process.

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Also, look out for the benefits that a company with custom writing services should offer:

    • Native English speaking writers
    • An array of writers to choose from
    • Papers written from scratch
    • Capability to speak to your chosen writer
  • Writers have credentials
  • They only hire experienced writers

Don’t ever be hasty when looking for quality writing services. Never be fooled by unbelievably low prices. Aim for the best writing services and have the best content; whether a biography, essay, or even your company profile, and have it presented in the best way.

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