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The mere thought of writing a grant proposal is already overwhelming. While doing the actual task can be tiresome, aligning your grant proposal narrative with the program budget is even tougher. Those who have not written a proposal before will suppose this concept is new, relying they can still complete the document without placing attention on the proposed budget. Others may think otherwise and base the budget plan on the proposed program’s description.

Make sure your proposal and budget request are consistent. Therefore, how will you do it?

Tips for A Consistent Grant Proposal Narrative and Budget

If you already have a good estimate of the funds to complete a worthwhile project, prepare your plans and write the draft. Here are handy tips to align your narrative with the budget.

1. State your need and fund allocation. Since the abstract is at the narrative’s beginning, mentioning the sum of your request will help funders figure if it complies with their guidelines.

2. Stress project importance using related literature to support your claim. In addition, include every vital detail. If you intend to build a classroom, do not just describe its design. Include other items instead, such as lot area, materials, and other items. You must include the property even if you are not asking funds for it because grantors sometimes set limitations based on its size.

3. The introduction section that must convince funders the applicant will handle the project and funds well.

4. The goals and objectives section must state what you will achieve to get the required funds. Activities stated in your objectives must match the details given in the budget plan.

5. Through your project timeline, list the activities that will meet your goals. It gives funding sources hints at how you will spend portions of the money.

6. Attach required documents (e.g., blueprint(s), product quotes, receipts, etc.) to support your budget request. These narrative sections—abstract, introduction, goals and objectives, program methods and design, and attachments—must be consistent with your proposed budget.

Make sure your budget and narrative tell the same story. Use these tips help you write a well-crafted grant proposal narrative.

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