Instagram Stories: Your Ticket to a Successful Digital Marketing

instagram stories will let you interact with your target audience
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Instagram stories are 2018’s Top Digital Marketing Strategy. Yes, you read it right. Instagram stories’ main app, Instagram, is a game changer in social media marketing, too. It evolved from a site where people post photos and videos, to becoming a go-to place of businesses to grow influence and increase their reach. Soon, it would change the game again, and could become the ultimate online shopping hub. However, this would not be possible, without the help of its in-app feature, Instagram stories. Do you want to know why we say it’s a top digital marketing strategy? Read on!

instagram stories help you reach more people
Reach for the sky! Let Instagram stories make your audience reach gain heights.

Instagram Stories: Your Best Shot at Ephemeral Content

Have you heard of the term ephemeral content? It refers to a rich media such as images and videos that you can access for a brief period. As it brings out the ‘fear of missing out’ or FOMO feeling of your target audience, ephemeral content could help you boost client loyalty as you introduce them your brand.

Aside from eliciting FOMO, it triggers an immediate response from your target audience. Often, you could persuade your clients to buy limited edition products. You could also make them share your content to their friends right away. However, a deeper cause you should use ephemeral content is to introduce your brand, your company and its values, without clogging your news feed.

Ephemeral content contributes to the less polished look of your brand. It is your chance to allow your audience to get a glimpse behind the scenes. Today, clients don’t just buy products because they need it. Often, they support a brand because it reflects what they stand for. Just imagine this way, before you buy a product, did you pause and consider if the brand reflects your values? For the women, when you buy make-up, was it tested on animals? Or if you’re a tree-hugger, do you still buy from companies that still contribute to earth’s pollution? This is your chance to interact with your community, and even gain a wider reach.

However, it’s not only limited to Instagram stories. There are SnapChat and Facebook stories, as well. While SnapChat gathers enough audience, people seem to flock Instagram more. As you might know, you can integrate your Instagram account to your Facebook page. But, would you like to know why Instagram remains at the top?

instagram stories makes use of ephemeral content
Millennials and Gen Z’ers compose the main audience of Instagram stories. How will you capture their interest?

Here are more facts that convince you Instagram stories are 2018’s top digital marketing strategy:

1. Target Audience

According to, 300 million people utilize Instagram stories every day. 58% of them are 18–29 year-old millennials and Gen Z’ers who check the app several times a day. Just imagine. What would it be if you could engage in even a fraction of it?

2. Money Talks

The same research revealed that 28% of its users earn less than $30,000 in a month, meaning they have purchase power. As it happens, it also mentioned that in 1 out of 5 organic Instagram stories, a business profile receives a direct message. This could turn to product queries. Do you want to have the same level for your return of investment?

3. User Engagement

With 300 million daily users, Instagram boasts of a high chance to make your business shine. Did you know 60% of users say they have learned of a brand through the platform? Hence, you must now join the 25 million business profiles that benefit from Instagram and Instagram stories.

instagram stories allows you to post authentic and raw content
Camera-ready! Instagram stories allow you to post raw and authentic photos and videos

How Can You Maximize Your Instagram Marketing Strategies?

By now, you know the benefits of using Instagram stories in your digital marketing. How will you make the most out of your Instagram Marketing Strategies? Try out these tips.

1. Create a distinct voice in your Instagram captions.

Reflect on what persona you would like to express on your Instagram account. Do you want to be the friendly neighborhood store? Do you aspire to be the official information carrier? Are you interested to become the ultimate fitness partner? Consider the voice you will use, as it will affect how you interact with your target audience. Even the choice of hashtags could make a difference. You must include these hashtags as you develop your Instagram content, even in your Instagram stories.

2. Define your concept and strategy when you work together with influencers.

Don’t rely on the influencer’s reach to achieve your goal. Instead, you must offer a gist on how the plan would operate. For example, host an Instagram account takeover, and let the influencer post content using Instagram stories. Before you do that, it helps if the influencer follows a concept and strategy you have prepared before. That way, you guide the influencer in promoting the message of your campaign.

3. Focus on long-term effect rather than short-term bursts.

In using Instagram stories as part of your digital marketing strategy, you must remember what the purpose of each post is. Answer these: What is the goal when you started the campaign? Will it help you reach your goal? This way, you will stay true to your goal, and not focus on the number of followers. Remember, if you fail to catch their interest, they could just unfollow you with a single click of a button.

instagram stories allow you to post authentic and raw content
Let Allied Writers help you achieve your goal, one Instagram story at a time!

Now you know how and why Instagram story is 2018’s top digital marketing strategy. Write your digital marketing strategy in detail so your whole campaign reflects a single message. Do you need help in incorporating Instagram stories to your digital marketing? Fret not, here comes Allied Writers, ready to help, one Instagram story at a time.

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