10 Perfect Job Options for Creative Writers

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Do you have a strong knack for art and writing? If so, land in one of these tedious but rewarding jobs!

1. Article writer

If you are good at writing news stories, features, or instructional pieces, then this post is for you. With your creative thinking and research skills, you can produce useful articles and add relevant keywords to make your write-up searchable.

2. Blogger

Share fascinating thoughts on your passion or interesting topics to online readers. In particular, tell your experience or offer them tips. Likewise, put proper tags on your entries so viewers can find related posts quick.

3. Comic book writer

With no drawing or sketch, can you tell a story through bits of words? If you love arts and have a visionary mind, then you can go into comic book writing. Be prepared, however, with the story’s plot, characters, dialog, and other essentials.

4. Lyricist

Your ability to compose plain but rhyming words can make good musical pieces, yet you need to learn and apply the right melodic arrangement in writing verses.

5. Travel writer

If you are a traveler, you can share your experiences to readers. In addition, your accounts and tips are useful to tourists and travelers. Aside from descriptions, place pictures to present your piece better.

6. Greeting card author

Sweet thoughts matter. Your skill in writing greetings for manual and digital cards can be a year-round job. In the same way, it takes versatility to create the best greeting cards for various occasions.

7. Personal poet

Are you poetic? If yes, then you can write poems for events and celebrations. For instance, create poetic readings with humorous or emotional messages.

8. Screenwriter

Let screen actors give life to your scripts. In the first place, your visual sense and wise use of words can help you earn money and become an acclaimed writer.

9. Ghostwriter

Writing for someone else without getting the credit can be worthwhile because through your write-ups, you can relay messages with tone, style, idea, and branding that is yours alone.

10. Web site content writer

With the popularity of the Internet, web content writing has become in-demand. In addition, knowing the latest trends in search engine optimization (SEO) to make web sites accessible to their target audience will get you far in this job.

Today, the labor market offers the following job opportunities such as writing coach, creative writing consultant, video game writer, columnist, and short fiction writer.

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