Six Press Release Writing Mistakes You Must Never Commit

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Perhaps you’ve been thinking, is press release writing still an option to boost your brand? Press release is an effective way to amplify your brand. It’s a fast yet crucial tool to reach your target market. Press release or PR writing is a strong opportunity to reach different markets depending on the type of your brand.

Press release writing doesn’t focus on making sales but attacks with a newsworthy tactic. Despite of the fast digital revolution and technology’s constant growth, knowing how to write a press release deftly is a benefit. Writing a good press release idea is tricky so you must avoid errors in creating one. Walk away from these press release writing errors when writing your own press release.

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Press Release Writing Pitfalls That Spoil Brand Boosting

1. Starting with a boring headline.

    • An effective press release deserves a headline that sizzles. Whether it’s a blog or article content, striking headlines works well to engage your clients. As your front liner, headlines must show direct information while teasing your readers. You should create a headline that that will make journalists finish your piece. Make them crave with playful taglines that tickle their interest.

2. Ignoring your target audience.
It’s typical for employees to get excited about new products or services offered by the company. You would want to shout and spread the news to target more sales. However, if you rush to inform the press and media about it, you might fail to tailor the content to your market. This is a common error in press release writing which instantly kills your chance to boost your brand. Set your target audience and adjust your tone.

3. Inserting too much details.
Will you read a three-paged press release? Probably no journalist and media person would waste their time. Don’t linger too much on details, otherwise you’ll kill your chance to grab your reader’s attention. Include only the gist to avoid blocks of unnecessary text.

4. Using a first-person view.
When writing a news story or press release, you must avoid using a first-person view. Observe how your local newspapers are in third-person view to inform readers. You shouldn’t use “we” or “I” in your press release to approach your audience.

5. Incorporating obvious selling language.
Press release writing is an effective tool to market your brand. However, some tend to overuse the power of press release. Not to mention the screaming “buy now” tone in the body of your press release. Obvious hard selling kills your chance to promote your business. Although press release writing promotes and advertise your brand, it must appear factual and not to sell.

6. Committing composition mistakes.
Just like any advertising tactics to promote your brand, you can’t afford to slip grammatical, punctuation, and composition errors. It instantly ruins your professional image and turns off your readers. They see these PR writing blunders unreliable and unefficient. Thus, you have to make sure that any of these PR writing errors is double-checked.

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Press release writing highlights special events, updates, and progress to strengthen your brand. With this, media and potential clients become aware of your company’s presence. However, you’ll need to avoid these press release writing mistakes to ensure an effective boosting.

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