Product Descriptions: How to Create a Compelling Ecommerce Copy

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When did you last buy online? What made you decide to buy from the site? Did the photo match the written product description in the website? The current scenario that most e-marketers face is how to persuade a potential customer to buy products online. With power words, and knowledge of writing product descriptions, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade. Ready to know what they are? Read on!

Production Descriptions: Your Ultimate Ecommerce Selling Tool

However, you should not take writing product descriptions for granted. Bear in mind they equate to a sales pitch when you’re inside a physical store. Since you can’t predict when users would visit your eCommerce website, the product descriptions should serve as your way to convince customers they need your products.

9 Tips on How to Improve Your Product Descriptions

Don’t you just wish there’s a product description generator so you can escape this challenge? Meanwhile, study these tips to create your own compelling product descriptions!

1. Define your target audience.

To whom are you selling your product? What are their interests and needs? You must find out what catches the attention of your target audience. This way, you could create a design that engage them and increase your chances to make a sale.

2. Set Your Tone.

The first step is crucial in making this second tip. If your target is composed of mainly millennials, then you must learn how to jive with their language. You must learn the way they speak! An example of blending in with the language of your target customers is the fast food brand Wendy’s. On Twitter, their witty banter with their followers gives them the opportunity to promote their products. Their menu also reflects the same tone, which further persuades visitors to buy.

A screenshot image of Wendy's website to show a sample product description.
Image courtesy of Wendy’s website

3. Bridge the Feature to the Benefit.

A common mistake seen in eCommerce websites is when the product descriptions just list the features of the product. While this can be a good product intro for customers, creative product descriptions goes beyond merely stating ‘what is’. Rather, a product description that sells bridges the features of the product to how it can benefit customers. An example is GoPro. If you’d notice in their website, they would state cases you can use the product they offer. A specific product even tells you to crash it! However, it balances the extreme idea by providing an exact pressure it can withstand. With a play of power words, the product descriptions allow customers to imagine the product as the answer to their need.

4. Motivate You to Move.

What’s dares you to move? Admit it or not, it’s the fear of missing out. Did you regret missing out a sale? As a marketer, you must rely on this to attract your customers. That’s why a product description template includes a call-to-action, or even a promo period.

A screenshot image of GoPro website showing a sample product description.
Image courtesy of GoPro website

5. Keep It ‘Scannable’.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘keep it short and simple’. The same logic applies to your product descriptions. Observe yourself, do you read every word of any website you open? If you skim a website, chances are, your customers do it, too. Hence, you must go straight to the point.

6. Optimize for SEO.

Do you want in on a not so secret? You should make your product descriptions search engine optimized. This just means that once you follow the rules set by Google, your content, along with your product descriptions, will reach more of your audience. 

A millennial man and woman posing with a cart beside a wall denoting interest in your website product descriptions.

7. Tell a story.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, what more could make it compelling? Simple, your product descriptions should tell a story. In the event that your website doesn’t load right away, capture the audience’s attention with your story. Take their imagination for a ride and transport to your desired place. If you succeed in making creative product descriptions, you do more than capture, you captivate.

8. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.

Similar to any business document, you must double-check your copy for any grammar and spelling mistakes. Nothing destroys the professional tone of a brand better than an overlooked spelling or grammar mistake.

9. Hire a professional writer!

If you’ve scoured the net with product description examples and you still find it challenging to create your own, why don’t you try hiring a professional writer? You don’t need to worry which power words to choose. You just have to check the writer’s work if it suits your and your target audience’s needs. Are you ready to boost your sales? Start now with Allied Writers.

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