5 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Income as an SEO Copywriter

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As more and more brands discover the value and potential of digital marketing, business owners and clients are becoming invested in hiring SEO content writing experts who can craft powerful and effective contents. So if you’re looking to earn a little extra by using your strategic SEO skills, here are some extra services you can offer:

SEO Content Writing Add-Ons to Offer

seo content writing services

1. Strategize Content

There are firms that have no clue as to the number of contents they need to produce in a month. Assist them in developing a sustainable publishing schedule, identifying their target market, and gathering niche-related keywords for their contents.

2. Recycle Content

Instead of writing fresh content on a daily basis, recycle the old ones and make them better and more engaging. For instance, you can put together old blog posts to create an e-book, or collect related posts to write a summary blog.

3. Edit Content

There are professionals in the marketing department who don’t have the time to write content. As a result, they look for a skilled SEO copywriter to perform keyword research, content creation, and post editing and proofreading.

4. Audit Content

There are websites that contain poorly optimized content with no appropriate keywords and missed SEO opportunities that need to be fixed. This is where content auditing comes in; tasks include optimizing pages, keeping posts up-to-date, checking keyword accuracy, etc.

5. Tutor Clients

This is an opportunity for you to not only demonstrate your copywriting skills but also educate your clients on how SEO works. Once they understand the process, they will invest in it, turning your tutorial into extra income.

Providing the best SEO content writing services to your clients is not an easy feat, but it’s one that pays off well when done excellently. Allied Writers has the most seasoned and goal-driven copywriters to help every business thrive in their industry. Contact us now!

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