Press Release Writing: Making It an Effective SEO Strategy

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Press releases aren’t dead in this digital age, and they won’t die soon. In fact, business owners found the virtual world as the best place to issue official statements and announcements. With the rise of press release (PR) submission sites and search engines displaying company statements on top of search results, it’s wise to advertise with press releases. If you’re a content or a digital marketer struggling to boost a firm’s online presence, here are some SEO tips and techniques to try.

SEO Tips and Tactics

SEO tipsBelow are a few SEO tactics to woo search engines and make press releases easier to find online.

1. Make a concise, clear headline/title.
Limit the headline to between 35 and 55 characters, but make sure it summarizes the content.

2. Include the brand name on the headline.
This not only helps the brand name to rank well but boosts online reputation, too.

3. Observe content length.
Treat your PR as a news story. With that, you need to limit it to 700 characters, excluding the media contact details. The introduction must give the basic data. This part answers five basic questions: who, what, where, when, and why. The body must contain supporting details such as history, records, and figures.

4. Add keywords.
Keywords will make the company’s statement searchable online. Be sure to use the words related to the business or the brand itself. Add the most three keywords and spread them throughout the content, one each for the headline, introduction, and last paragraph.

5. Represent the company with its logo.
Maximize the paper’s header section. Place the firm’s logo on top of the press release. Search engines may display this logo on image search results. In particular, media outlets will use the logo (for publicity) once they pick up the company’s PR.

6. Include a call-to-action.
Don’t forget to invite readers to join, register, or buy. Let them contact the company for inquiries and further details.

Can’t Write?

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