Time-Tested Strategies to Secure Repeat Donors

ways to repeat donors
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Finding repeat donors these days is tough but viable if grant seekers can build strong connection with their grantors. They need to make them feel that they are a great help in turning a proposal into a reality.

Remember that philanthropy is not all about presenting a single program and seeking funds to make it happen. As with any non-profit venture, your goal is to make your project sustainable and build lifelong partnerships with your grantors.

How to Obtain Repeat Donors

After carrying out a successful project, sure you’d want to continue or expand it. But how do you get the ball rolling and turn your grantors into repeat donors? Start with the tips below:

  • Thank them publicly. Regardless of the outcome, thank your donors for funding your program. While you can send them snail mails and emails to express your gratitude, you can also acknowledge them by mentioning their names on your organization’s annual report and/or newsletter. Likewise, you can refer to them through your social media accounts. All these public recognitions imply that you are truly grateful for their assistance—and yes, these could somewhat influence their decision to donate again.
  • Give updates. A few months after your successful activities, get in touch with your funders and submit documentation. Compare the situations before and after you execute your program. Present statistics and evaluate the results of your project. You may include pictures in the documentation.
  • Share your success story. Through your website’s blog section, you can narrate how your project started, how it succeeded, and how you plan to sustain its future operations. In addition, you can discuss your success via speaking engagements. Just don’t forget to mention the important role your grantors played to achieve your goals.
Next Goal: Write a Second Proposal

Are you planning to seek your funders’ help for a similar or new project? Heed these tips and learn how you can compel them to be your repeat donors:

  • Be courteous. Through a cover letter, explain politely your intention to seek funding. Relay your gratitude for their previous aid and ask them if they can help you again on your next endeavor.
  • Align your program with their goals. Be sure that your second proposal still aligns with the mission and values of the funding source.
  • Present the problem and propose viable solutions. Submit a proposal that discusses your plans in detail. Cite the existing problem and explain how your new proposals or additional programs will solve it. Explain how your past programs have influenced the lives of your beneficiaries, too, and how additional aid could benefit them more.
  • Seek realistic, exact amount of budget. Be honest with your financial needs. List the real and exact amount to solidify the trust your grantors have in you.
  • Present plans for sustainability. Project sustainability is a major concern among funders. Hence, be sure you state your funding strategies and explain how you can operate without the help of other people or organizations.
  • Involve them. Invite your prospective repeat donors to partake in your activities. Let them witness how you implement your program and follow your timeline.

Plenty of funders are willing to lend a helping hand but not all would give second chances and vow to be repeat donors. Therefore, know how to keep them. If you can’t write a compelling grant proposal, look for trusted professional grant writing service. Contact Allied Grant Writers for your grant writing needs!



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