7 Tips to Writing Eye-Catching Website Content That Sells

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Have you ever come across a website that you just accidentally clicked and then suddenly you want to buy a pair of sunglasses—even though you already own more than enough sunglasses? That is effective website copywriting. It compels you to do something, or to act upon accordingly, just by reading a few words and phrases.

In today’s day and age businesses have taken their transactions online, where almost everything can now be done. Online shopping is thriving; in fact, even before the worldwide pandemic happened, many businesses had already switched to online platforms to reach more customers. They had begun putting up websites and social media pages, with tips on growing one’s business online aplenty. With COVID-19 still restricting consumers’ physical shopping activities, almost everyone has adapted to going online for their needs. Everything can now be bought online, from everyday household needs to family meals.

Given this scenario, businesses are looking for ways to maximize their online presence. This is where copywriting, particularly website copywriting, comes in. Copywriting is deemed necessary for businesses because it drives profit and engagement. But what is website copywriting anyway, and how do you write interesting copies? Let’s dive in to know more about copywriting.

Copywriting and Website Copywriting at a Glance

Copywriting is basically writing content that is aimed toward driving more sales and engagement. It involves creating content that helps advertise and market a product, a service, or an entire business.

On the other hand, website copywriting entails writing of content for a website. It includes writing content for a website’s homepage, landing page, taglines, blog posts, product descriptions, product pages, service pages, and contact pages. To put it simply, writing content for your website is website copywriting.

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How to Write Effective Website Content

One of the primary reasons a business maintains an online presence is to earn more profit. These businesses develop strategies to reach and engage more consumers and drive profitability. Having that said; being online is not enough. Businesses should also make sure that their website content is effective enough to reach their goals. Some of the copywriting examples that are deemed effective are those that engage consumers. Here are some tips to make sure that your business has an impressive website.

1. Tell your audience what you do, in just one glance.

Your website’s homepage should be the face of your product; hence, clarity is important. The moment that a customer reaches your website, they should be able to see clearly what particular problem you are solving. Your audience should be able to identify what you do in just one glance. Make sure that your homepage clearly states the services that you offer. Other pages should be able to highlight what you do.

In addition, a website’s tagline should also be effective enough to state the solution that your business is offering. Make use of your website’s landing pages. They should be clear enough that a potential customer gets your message right away.

Also, make sure that your About, Services, and Contact pages are all clear about your service offers. You can also write other details that might help upsell your services, such as your company’s background and history, or basically anything you want your customers to know about your business. Finally, make your approach conversational by using call-to-action statements on your landing pages.

2. Identify your target market.

When you identify your target market, writing for your website becomes easier. It helps you decide what tone you will be using. An effective website copywriting uses the tone of your target market, with your website content written in their language. For example, you have the young millennial professionals as your target audience. Your website should use the slangs or words that this demographic often uses in their conversations. Identify your target market’s choice of words and incorporate them in your website.

Other than that, identify what works best for your target market. Do they prefer information being presented to them through other content types such as infographs or even memes? Would they like and understand seeing illustrations on your website? Would it be easier to get the message across if you use videos? You can have all the answers to these questions if you have a clear sight of your target market. Identify and incorporate. Talk to them in their language. Write your product descriptions in a way that you would talk to your target market face to face.

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3. Highlight what makes you stand out.

Website copywriting also includes highlighting sales and discounts. Do you have an upcoming sale? Announce it on your homepage. Offering 25% discount? Have a pop-up banner about it. Just like in a physical store wherein you put up a poster about your flash sale, tell your customers about it on your website, too. Are your services cheaper than another brands’? Advertise it on your website. Are you the best in a certain field? Let it be known on your website. What do you offer and what makes it unique? Flaunt it be known on your website.

4. Offer more.

This is where blog posts come in. Some of the thriving website businesses have a blog section that engages readers—and results to conversions. In this section, they offer tips or tricks that could help their customers.

Likewise, blog posts about a certain topic can drive customers to your page and avail your services. Thus, make sure that your blog posts are engaging enough and that they meet the needs of your clients. It also helps to incorporate your services in your blog posts. Put up blog posts on your websites that are relevant to your customers. Make sure that the articles and posts in your blog section attract your target audience.

5. Put up testimonials on your website.

Publish your satisfied clients’ testimonials on your website. If your business has received any form of recognition, make sure that you put it on your website. Testimonials drive engagement from your target audience because they are proof that what you offer is effective. They also serve as evidence that an actual person or group felt satisfied with your service. Testimonials help tell your potential customers that you are good at what you do. You can also publish the good ratings that you received from your clients.

6. Be creative.

Do not be afraid to be creative. Website copywriting, after all, encourages creativity. However, alongside this, make sure that your intent is still clear. Be creative on the tactics that you will use in your website while keeping in mind your target market. Will this tactic work for them? Write creative and engaging content. Use ideas that will appeal to your target market.

7. Always update your website.

Stay abreast of the latest trends. Update your website according to what’s currently effective. This includes updating your services, if necessary. Keep in mind that technology is ever changing. Improve your website; the online world is a backyard of tough competition. It is always important that you step up your game every chance you get. Always keep researching.

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Additional Points on Website Copywriting

Other than the tips mentioned above, there are a few more basic and general points that make your website copywriting work.

  • Ensure your content is error-free, including typographical errors.
  • Design your websites to be easy to use. No one likes complicated websites; make sure your customers can use your website with no fuss.
  • Always check and test your website to ensure it’s up and running.
  • Be open to comments and suggestions. Invite your visitors to leave a comment.
  • Be consistent. Make sure that your entire website has a unified and clear message.

All the elements in your website are involved in website copywriting. If you want an effective web content, then see to it that your entire website and its content are engaging. It should keep your customers interested and curious. After getting them curious, they should be drawn to avail of your products and services. If that is the intention of your website, then you have an effective website copywriting strategy.

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