11 Sure Signs You’re Not a Born Writer

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As with other authors in the world (except maybe J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Dan Brown), did you ever question yourself whether you’re a born writer or not?

To help, here are 11 signs you aren’t a born writer. If four or more of these signs describe you, sorry, but it’s about time you find another career.

1. You can’t understand your piece.
One sure sign of a born writer is his/her clear, engaging piece. Yet, if you can’t understand your piece, you could be in the wrong industry.

2. You can’t think of any topic to write, literally.
A born writer is artistic. He/she can create concepts, stories, among others. If you’re not a writer, you don’t have such an artsy mojo. You may be artistic, but in other facets of your life.

3. You often hear people tell you not to write.
Do your friends always decline your offer to write for them and prefer hiring a professional writer? If diplomacy hides what they mean, ask, “Do my articles suck?” If they answered yes, it’s your cue to jump ship.

4. You’re afraid to publish your material.
Every beginner-writer experiences trembling of fingers when he/she will click the “post now” button. If you’re not confident with your write-up, review it, and decide if it’s worth publishing or not.

5. You hate reading.
Writers love to read. They research, keep themselves informed of the latest trends, and learn and understand their industry more. If you hate reading, it’s probable you’re not a born writer.

6. You lack the time to write.
Writing is tedious and time-consuming. If you can’t sit for long hours and write your ideas, it could be time you do what you do well—not write.

7. You write to become famous.
It’s exciting to see your name online, even just on a short blog. Yet if it’s the only reason you write, stop it. You can hire a copywriter to work for you.

8. You can’t figure if your work is gem or trash.
If you can’t gauge the quality of your article, it’s a sign you’re far from being the next rock star copywriter. Thus, you can’t say you’re a born writer.

9. You feel hurt by criticisms.
A poor review of what you suppose was your best work might be depressing. Yet if you take every criticism (even constructive ones) as an attack on your writing skills, you can’t be a great writer.

10. You assume everything you write is perfect.
If you perceive your write-ups as perfect, you’re not a writer. Even great authors produce a fair volume of “garbage”. The best writers in the world publish less than 30% of their work.

11. You spend more time wondering if you’re a born writer than actual writing.
Writers write. If you’re always sitting around thinking, “Oh, I’m so pathetic, am I a writer?” Then you’re not a writer.

So how’s your test? Are you a born writer or not? Share your results in the comments section! For more interesting write-ups, check our blog.


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