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reasons why writers write

5 Reasons Why Writers Write and Leave an Impact

Writing is considered as one of the most tedious tasks that require patience and enthusiasm. There could be lots of reasons why writers write, but one thing is for sure—they are creative geniuses who leave a mark to their readers. Here are some of the reasons why writers are truly inspiring. Reasons Why Writers Write

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woman reading books written by famous celebrity authors

10 Famous People Who Were Also Authors

Aside from their lovely faces and superb acting, singing, and/or dancing skills, celebrities, likewise, have a knack for writing. Below is a list of celebrity authors that might surprise you because of their startling talent! Amazing Celebrity Authors Ellen DeGeneres “Seriously… I’m Kidding” Known for her outstanding hosting skills and stand-up comedy routines, Ellen has

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11 Sure Signs You’re Not a Born Writer

As with other authors in the world (except maybe J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Dan Brown), did you ever question yourself whether you’re a born writer or not? To help, here are 11 signs you aren’t a born writer. If four or more of these signs describe you, sorry, but it’s about time you find

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blog writing

4 Creative Ways to Write a Blog [Without Coffee Consumption]

Brain juices aren’t always there to help bloggers become productive each day. Likewise, drinking coffee does not always help in doing blog writing tasks. What should you do to create interesting write-ups for your readers? Here are ways to help you make blogs when you run out of words to write. Unlearn Philosopher G. K.

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writing commandments

Be Happy, Write Happy: How to be a Joyful Writer

We, writers, aren’t known as the happiest and jolliest people. According to Nathan Bransford, author of “How to Write a Novel,” a recent survey shows that even the best writers don’t enjoy their work that much. But we believe that happiness isn’t hard to find; we just need to relax and look for a quiet

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Writing 101: Which Writer Type Do You Fall Under?

We, writers, are like candies; we differ in style, shape, size, color, and taste but we all belong in the same family. Isn’t it delightful to meet a fellow writer during your commute or in your favorite coffee shop? If you haven’t met your siblings at pen yet, worry no more. Let us introduce you

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8 Utterly Inspiring Work Spaces of World Famous Writers

The secret to keeping your creative juices flowing is to find a place where you will be inspired to write. It can be in common places like your bedroom where you’re most comfortable in, in the garden with a great view of blooming flowers and singing birds, and so on. To delight your thoughts more,

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careers from writing hobby

Potential Successful Careers from Writing Hobby

Are you passionate about writing? If yes, then you should start your journey as a professional writer! Writers are in demand across all industries, in different fields. Opportunities are everywhere, so, don’t waste your time and start looking for the path that best suits your goals! To help you decide, below are some careers from writing

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