Be Happy, Write Happy: How to be a Joyful Writer

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We, writers, aren’t known as the happiest and jolliest people. According to Nathan Bransford, author of “How to Write a Novel,” a recent survey shows that even the best writers don’t enjoy their work that much.

But we believe that happiness isn’t hard to find; we just need to relax and look for a quiet place to re-energize.

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a fancy pen and that’s almost the same thing.

Here are some writing commandments to keep you happy while writing:
  • Look for an inspiration
  • Write what you want to write about
  • Be the writer you want to be
  • Set realistic goals
  • Don’t let negative people affect you
  • Consider your failures as teachers
  • Remember that you’re human; it’s normal to make mistakes
  • Value your readers’ insights whether it’s good or bad
  • Choose long term happiness over short-term satisfaction
  • Keep your integrity
  • Never underestimate the power of research
  • Recognize your limits
  • Find your voice
  • Don’t be scared to experiment
  • Seek help from your pen siblings
  • Take your time but don’t procrastinate
  • Finish your work

Your feelings reflect on your writing. If you aim to persuade or entertain your audience, banish your negative thoughts, relax, and find happiness in your work. Happy writing!

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