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how to improve proofreading skills

Ten Superb Tips to Improve Your Proofreading Skills

It’s rare to find a flawless and error-free write-up nowadays. Even top editorial staffs make mistakes and overlook typos. If you want to go in-depth with editing and learn how to improve proofreading skills, these techniques may help. How to Improve Proofreading Skills Effectively 1. Check one problem at a time. To improve your proofreading

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elegant fonts: blog writing tips

Writing Psychology: What Your Font Choice Says About You

Did you know that your favorite font style can say something about your personality? According to Complex Media Inc., an online community of creators and curators in the United States, our taste in font style can be directly related to our personality. Find out what you favorite typeface says about your personality: Traditional People who use

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web content writing

How to Reword Your Sentences Better

Do you wish to improve your writing skills? Below are some web content rewording tips on how to reword your sentences for a clearer and more concise output. Change passive sentences into active voice. Passive voice can lead to awkward sentences and make your writing flat and boring. In contrast, the active voice makes it

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custom writing

American, British, and Australian English: Their Differences

The United States of America, Australia, and Great Britain are all English-speaking countries. But, when you go visit each territory, you’ll realize that while they all speak the same language, it would also seem as though they are not. Australian, American, and British English may have a lot of similarities, but they also have a

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editing and proofreading

Editing and Proofreading Tips: What You Should Know

An effective editing and proofreading is a crucial stage in the writing process that people often neglect.Writers should not take these two for granted because even the smallest error can result to embarrassing or even costly outcomes. Editing and Proofreading Defined Editing is the first task that you need to do after you finish writing your

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