American, British, and Australian English: Their Differences

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The United States of America, Australia, and Great Britain are all English-speaking countries. But, when you go visit each territory, you’ll realize that while they all speak the same language, it would also seem as though they are not. Australian, American, and British English may have a lot of similarities, but they also have a huge number of differences.

Besides spelling and pronunciation variations, these three types of English also have distinct vocabularies that might confuse you. To avoid unwanted errors while writing, look for custom writing services to polish your work.

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Custom Writing: Know the Right English

Here are some of the most common differences in the dictionary of British, Australian, and American people, to help lessen your confusion:

custom writing: Australian English

custom writing: British English

As writers, we have to be mindful of the words we use. We don’t wish to end up offending readers by something we’ve written, do we? So if you’re having a hard time, you can always count on our custom writing and editing and proofreading services to guarantee your project is perfectly error-free. Browse through our website to view more of our custom writing services.

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