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Digital Writing Challenge: The FOMO You Must Have

“YAAAAASSSS. I finally bounced from Adulting. On my way to a music festival so lit, my bae @slaylauv can’t even. OOTD is on fleek, too! My life right now is Goals FTW. FB for more updates! #summerOOTD” How’s that for a writing challenge? Were you able to understand it? If you did, congratulations, you’re not

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Man with great article writing ideas

Article Writing Ideas to Fire up Your Online Presence

An average person spends more than five hours a day on the Internet. We can attribute this to the growth of article writing and invasion of digital media that we often use for many purposes. If you want your online journal to be read by others, you can amplify it with the help of these

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common writing errors

Common Writing Mistakes Editors are Tired of Seeing

Producing contents that are reliable and powerful is important, as it can affect someone’s mood and inspire a reader. This is more reason for writers to avoid making common writing errors. Writing correctly is easier when you know the basics. Take a look at this list to see how you can improve as a writer:  

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article writing guide

The Ultimate Article Writing Guide to Feed Your Mind

Some people consider writing a literary piece their passion. With their flair to write, they are able to express feelings that only this craft can satisfy. It indeed takes hard work before you actually become the best writer that you can be. Whatever your level of writing expertise is by now, here is an article

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Nine Things a Writer Must Do to Get Creative Juices Flowing

Do you find yourself staring at a blank paper and struggling to come up with something grand? If you’ve been working for hours without any progress, one thing is for sure, you’re suffering from a writer’s block. So, how do most people fight creative slowdown? Allied Writers summed up the best creative writing tips you

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woman writing killer blog title

Top Six Secret Recipes to a Killer Blog Title

Read on and learn the top six secret recipes to a killer blog title as shared by expert providers of SEO content writing services, AlliedWriters. 1. Start with a working title. Thinking of a killer blog title that can summarize your post can sometimes be tricky, more so when you’re in the first few stages of

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words for vocabulary development

Tools and Tips to Expand Vocabulary and Improve Writing Skills

Whether your goal is to become a better writer or just want to stretch out your treasure trove of words, vocabulary development is the key. And with the help of technology, learning new words have become a lot easier. You don’t have to walk a tightrope to build your vocabulary, just get pointers from the

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how to write an article

Embrace Your Imperfections to Perfect Your Writing

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen/ Singer and songwriter Do you freak out when you can’t think of ways to “perfect” your writing? Do your weaknesses make you feel anxious? Do you wish to be like famous writers who don’t run out of wit

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