Tools and Tips to Expand Vocabulary and Improve Writing Skills

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Whether your goal is to become a better writer or just want to stretch out your treasure trove of words, vocabulary development is the key. And with the help of technology, learning new words have become a lot easier. You don’t have to walk a tightrope to build your vocabulary, just get pointers from the word experts.

The Importance of Vocabulary in Writing

Every wordsmith knows that word choice is the core of every write-up. Vocabulary is an indispensable tool for writers. Whether you’re writing for work, assignment, or just a hobby, having a good vocabulary will help you convey your ideas and thoughts clearly. You’ll also have a rich word list for every situation; hence composing a supreme article will never be a headache.

Top Sites, Apps, and Tools That’ll Improve Your Writing Vocabulary

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Aside from games and social media, you can now use your smartphones to learn new words and enhance English vocabulary. To know which tool suits you best, here are top sites, apps, and tools from and that you can download.


This app does not only define words, it lets you learn, translate, and play word games to boot. Plus, you can enjoy word facts, word trends, and quizzes.


The goal of this site is to make learning new words fun. This app is a combined learning and game app that allows you to achieve mastery and strong command to English language through the use of word challenges and activities.

3. PowerVocab

This free Android-only word game comes with a built-in dictionary that you can use every day. It is a vocabulary enhancer, word scrambler, crossword, scrabble, spelling bee, word search, and hangman in one app.

4. Learner’s Dictionary

Run by Merriam Webster, this site provides you with simple definitions for each word so you don’t need to spend time digesting the word you’re trying to learn.

5. Word to Word

A word association game that offers a list of words which challenges you to link them with their synonyms, antonyms, or related words or elements in common phrases. Surely, your list of strong, alternative words will never end.

Expert Tips for Writing Enhancement and Vocabulary Developmentcrossword puzzle used for vocabulary development

If your goal is to enhance your vocabulary for better writing, below are expert tips you can take note from Emma, an English confidence coach, and Jovell Alingod, creator of a vocabulary improvement software.

1. Learn New Words Every Day.

To keep your words flowing, try to learn at least one new word every day. And to ensure that they’ll stay in your head, associate them with the words they often go with.

2. Use the Word after Learning Them.

Another way to familiarize with new words is to use and apply them as often as possible. You can make a game out of it or try to slip it in a conversation, a journal entry, an assignment, or an email to a friend.

3. Look up Unfamiliar Words.

Make it a drill to discover unfamiliar words. Whenever you come across them, don’t just gloss over them. Take time to look them up. If you’re in a hurry, write them down and look them up later.

4. Solve Word Puzzles.

Aside from entertainment, solving word puzzles in newspapers and magazines is also good in boosting your vocabulary. It helps you search your memory for words you know but don’t often use. It also challenges you to think critically—another badge on your sash.

5. Imitate a Native Speaker.

For Emma, imitating a native speaker is the best way to expand your vocabulary. Besides improving pronunciation and spoken English, you can easily learn new words based on the given context.

Get the lowdown on every word you will encounter. Vocabulary development is one of the best ways to improve English writing skills.

For more expert tips and advice on how to improve vocabulary and sharpen your writing skills, browse our blogs page.

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