11 Expert Blog Writing Tips for Beginners Like You

blog writing service provider shares tips for beginners
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Have you felt both ready and unprepared? You may have a knack for writing and want to run your own blog, yet you’re reluctant because you don’t know where or how to begin. Don’t worry! Bloggers go through the same struggle. Hence, to ricochet from starter blogger to pro, take these tips for beginners from a top blog writing service.

Expert Tips from a Great Blog Writing Service

1. Plot an effective strategy.

Sometimes, one or two beginners struggle to keep their topic on focus. It can go something like, “In the first five paragraphs of my piece, I’m telling my readers how to write a stunning press release. But, as I got to the last part, I ended up talking about how to become an excellent PR professional.”

Ask yourself these questions to keep your writing on focus:
“What am I blogging about?”
“Who are my target audiences?”
“What voice and style should I use?”
“What is my purpose? Should I make it amusing, helpful, or convincing?”

2. Make a head-turning headline.

The headline, being the first 1-2 sentences of your article, can make or break your readers’ interest. Therefore, to keep them from turning away, make a catchy headline that tells what they can gain from your blog.

3. Create a calendar.

If you’re always thinking what and when to write next, a calendar can help you manage your postings. Besides, tailor your content calendar based on how many articles you can post every week, when you get the most engagements, and how frequent readers visit your blog.

4. Set yourself apart from others.

To create quality content is a no-brainer, but to make a unique one is greater. One mistake most bloggers commit is writing the same topic multiple times. Don’t bore your readers. Likewise, spend time to brainstorm new and unique topics that will amaze them.

5. Write what you want to read.

Find your niche and assume you’re part of the audience. Another key to a share-worthy article is to speak not only for yourself as a writer but for your readers, too. Thus, remember, you blog for them and not for yourself alone.

6. Include quality images.

Author, strategist, blogger, and speaker Jeff Bullas, says articles with images get 94% more total views. Hence, add quality and related images to your write-up and always cite your sources.

7. Mind your formatting.

You may say, “It’s the message.” But do you find a letter interesting enough to read when it sounds like a threat? Blog posts aligned left or justified are easier to read. In particular, use headers or bold subheadings to help readers understand your key points.

8. Mimic the style of expert writers.

One effective tactic to ricochet from beginner to expert is to imitate how your favorite author writes. Remember, rather, that imitating is different from plagiarizing. Mimic his/her style and that’s it.

9. Interact with your audience.

Another important way to keep a well-timed topic is to connect with your audience. They’re not just your readers, but they tell you what’s in, too. Therefore, when you need new ideas, you can run a survey or poll to figure what your audience wants you to write.

10. Add a call-to-action.

According to Draft founder Nate Konty, finish your blog post with one or more calls-to-action to make your readers subscribe to or follow you on your social media accounts. Besides, if you write for a business, it serves as an effective “invite” for your target market to buy the company’s product(s) and/or service(s).

11. Search for relevant sources.

No matter your purpose, add related studies or write-ups to support your claim. With this, you not only make yourself a responsible blogger but, likewise, an expert in the trade. Then again, write with passion. When you enjoy writing, great results follow. Otherwise, bring out the best writer in you by reading “13 Ways for You to Brush Up Your Writing Skills” to boost your creative ego to its fullest potential.

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