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article writing guide
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Some people consider writing a literary piece their passion. With their flair to write, they are able to express feelings that only this craft can satisfy. It indeed takes hard work before you actually become the best writer that you can be. Whatever your level of writing expertise is by now, here is an article writing guide that you must know to help you become a better writer.

Article Writing Guide to Become a Better Writer

1. Say less; mean more.

Whatever you want to say, say it with brevity. It is a common belief that the quality of an article can be measured by its length. Yet this is not true. The fact is that when you write, you can just use simple words to express such a strong meaning or feeling. Keep your thoughts short but with a great sense. People will often feel dull reading lengthy sentences that take no value to the content.

2. Remain loyal to your topic.

Knowing what and how to write is just a part of the process. However, if you want to make your readers stay, you should give much attention to what we call ‘relevance’ of the content to the subject matter. Writers have their own writing styles. Yet at the end of the day, these styles should reflect writers’ loyalty not just to its readers, but also to their materials.

3. Read to widen your knowledge.

Reading and writing are related to each other in some ways. Without one, the other cannot exist. If your goal with writing is to inform others, then get informed first. One way to do this and learn something new is by reading. When you read, you equip your mind with the prior knowledge that you can use and transmit through making articles.

4. Learn from mistakes; listen to feedbacks.

Criticisms are your ticket to hone your craft. Listen to what others, especially your fellow writers, will say about your works. Remember, the feedback you will take should make you think how to improve your writing skills. Whether you receive a good or bad response from other writers and the readers, use it to your advantage.

5. Practice is the best policy.

The cliché says, “Practice makes perfect.” Although writing does not require perfection—it entails progression—it should be practiced in order for a writer to develop his talent. Write a lot. Do it as often as possible. And as you write more, you will see that you are gradually getting better.

Find this article writing guide effective? Share it to your friends and fellow writers and let them also hone their passion.

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