Blog Writing: Everything You Need to Know to Write a Click-Worthy Content

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Blog writing has become a way to build a business and influence target readers. In fact, it has been recorded that there were 31.7 million bloggers in the US alone in 2020. But did you know that the main purpose of blogging is writing personal notes just like a diary? It’s a shorter term for weblog. This allows users to log information and details they want to share.

This journal began to take the internet by storm as many people have come to use this as a platform to earn money and to make a difference. Writing contents can help you reach more audience, thus many influencers and business owners take this opportunity to expand their network.

If you’re one of them, this article is for you. Read on and learn tips to heed to capture the hearts of your readers.

How to Write a Great Headline to Entice Your Readers

All contents need a powerful headline in order to get a click. Remember, the headline is the first thing your readers will see. With this in mind, make sure that it’s catchy enough to interest your readers. Failing to do so could mean that your blog is not readable and sharable.

No matter how good your article is, it wouldn’t mean a thing if nobody reads it. And it takes a click-worthy headline to get your audience to read your blog. Consequently, your headline is as important as your content. To help you ace writing your headline, we have listed surefire tips to writing an enticing one.

1. Choose an interesting and relevant topic.

Great content starts with a great topic. Therefore, you need to come up with a subject matter that will serve as the heart of your paper. Look for answers to your target audience’s needs. How? The answer is to research before starting to write a blog post.

2. Engage your readers.

Let your senses judge your headline. Is it appealing? What did you feel while reading it? This quick check could help you save your content. That way, you can gauge if it’s enough to get the reader’s attention.

Expert Tip: Use sensory words and imagery so that your work will not be boring to read.

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3. Tickle your reader’s curiosity.

As mentioned earlier, blog writing requires an effective headline that gets the attention of your market. Therefore, use words that will stir the imagination and curiosity of your audience.

4. Say no to chunky phrases.

A headline shouldn’t overwhelm readers. Consequently, avoid chunky words, instead use power words. Make it concise, keyword rich, and truthful.

5. Make sure it makes sense.

Make your headline readable and sensible by avoiding jargon. You want people to read your blog, right? Then, it has to be engaging and easy to read.

How to Put Together Your Blog Structure

Have you ever been to a time where you want to write but can’t find the words? Well, don’t worry because that’s common for all writers. And the good thing is you can do something about it.

Blog writing needs a structure. Having a system or flow in writing can help you deliver work despite what they call the writer’s block. Having a structure takes time and effort, similar to having your own style in writing. Nonetheless, we have listed the top 5 important elements and tips to heed in building the structure of your blog.

Elements of a Blog Structure

A blog structure gives you the leverage to write better contents. For blog writing, this serves as your roadmap. That’s why we wrote down some of the critical elements of an effective blog structure.

1. Catchy Headline

Write as many headlines as you can for each post you write, and then narrow your choices down until you get to the best two titles. Then, blend their most distinct parts and create a fresh one or pick the most engaging headline and make a better title out of it.

2. Compelling Introduction

Your introduction speaks volume to your content. That is why you need to put in extra effort to ensure that you write a captivating introduction. Your first paragraph determines if readers will keep reading your post. Make use of this section to score to your audience’s heart.

3. Rich Section

Aside from a well-written lead, be sure to write the succeeding paragraphs with rich points. This encourages readers to keep on reading because they’re getting meat from your blog.

4. Irresistible Call-to-Action

State your purpose and pursue readers to act on it. What is your goal? Defining what you want to achieve gives your piece the direction it needs. After all, following a powerful title and effectively written content, you need a call-to-action that will drive your readers to buy in.

5. A Bang to End Your Blog

The last stop is ending your content with a short yet powerful conclusion. This is your last chance to impress your readers, so don’t blow it. This is also an opportunity to give them a little nudge to read your other blogs.

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Blog Writing Tips to Creating Exceptional Posts

Jotting a few words isn’t enough to get readers interested and engaged. Hence, if you find it hard to create unique posts, heed these tips.

1. Define the main idea you want to share.

Blog posts are short forms of written art. If they’re more than 3,000 words, they become indigestible because no one has much time for such stuff. Write a piece with one idea at a time. If you feel you need to say more, write a follow-up content blog.

2. Write an outline.

Running wild on your keyword is possible when you don’t have a focused idea. Hence, having an outline and sticking to it will make your writing smoother. It helps you avoid omitting important points and thoughts and ensuring that they’re right where you want them to be in the final product.

Expert Tip: Use bullet points in presenting some of your ideas for readability purposes.

3. Use white space at will.

Make white space your friend. Have you ever read an article or blog post with lines and lines of text without paragraph breaks? So, you know how tedious it is. In light of this, use space breaks often to make your content easy on the eyes.

Expert Tip: Use images; they make reading your post interesting and easy.

4. Go back to your working title and think of alternative ideas.

The work begins here because headlines make or break a blog post. Otherwise, if your working title is not engaging, change it.

5. Revisit your beginning and ending paragraphs.

Make sure you’ve “hooked” your readers. Further, your opening paragraph must surprise or intrigue them. If not, you can’t grab your readers by their shoulders and engage their brains. As a result, they’ll leave your post in haste.

Likewise, show your goal in the first few lines of your blog. Motivate fickle readers. Give them a reason to stick around by telling them what they’ll get from your piece.

Now, move toward the ending. Did you tell your readers to comment on your blog? Is your call to action visible? If you want your readers to do something, say it.

6. Proofread your work at least twice.

Read first and focus on the ideas and major content points. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I lead with my “big idea?”
  • Are my paragraph transitions smooth?
  • Do new paragraphs introduce new ideas?
  • Do the tone and voice sound like mine?

Then, read for the finer points. Correct every punctuation, grammar, and spelling error. Check for the following errors:

  • Word usage or tenses (e.g., “there” vs. “their”)
  • Jargons
  • Clichés
  • Misspellings or missing punctuation
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Expert Tips for Blog Writing

Now that you know how to come up with a good blog structure, it’s time to sit down to write. Having that said, to help you further in writing your digital content, we have listed top 3 practical tips for you to heed.

1. Overcome writer’s block.

Brain juices aren’t always there to help bloggers become productive each day. Worry not! Here are ways to help you make blogs when you run out of words to write.


If you regularly write blogs, you develop strategies and approaches that don’t change over the course of time. Chances are your writing style remains the same and you may get tired of it. So, both unlearning and getting new ideas will let you discover different techniques.


Empty your mind for a moment (seriously). Otherwise, your brain might grow tired of its constant task and possibly won’t work well in absorbing information. Thus, meditate and take a break to give your brain a relief from stress.

How do you meditate? Among options, your choice depends on your personality. Do stuff that won’t require too much thinking. You can go to a quiet place and close your eyes while reciting your mantra. Further, you can swim, take a long walk, or eat your favorite food.

After meditation, you’ll be surprised with your brain’s improved function. This signals the best time to draft a blog.


Sleep deprivation has terrible effects on human health unless you take strategic naps during daytime. Doing so gives your mind a boost—a key to improving your productivity.


Invite other people to post or feature someone else’s written piece. A wise move is to connect with people that share your passion. Posting other bloggers’ outputs can help you ease your brain and give your readers a different perspective.

2. Repurpose your old content.

Do you have old content that seems to be rotting in your archive? Don’t delete them just yet! Repurpose them and produce better contents. You can also use these on social media and guest posting. Check out these tips to save your old contents.

  • Turn it into an infographic. If your blog post isn’t gaining the interest of the public, you can consider crafting an infographic about it.
    (Expert Tip: Your infographic shouldn’t be overpowering. Use the right color scheme and fonts, and texts must be readable. Use titles and headings, add images when needed, and include blog link, sources, and social media links at the end.)
  • Make a podcast or vlog. Most people prefer watching rather than reading. Hence, you can take this opportunity to turn your old contents into vlogs.
  • Write an update. Revise obsolete information. Keep in mind, trends change from time-to-time. For instance, if you’ve written a list about content writing tips 2 years ago, it’s time you update it with the latest and most effective information.
  • Use social media platforms. Craft interactive posts out of your old contents to post on other platforms.

3. Optimize your content.

Another tip is to optimize your work before hitting ‘publish’. Enrich your content with keywords and power words. Doing so makes your article readable and shareable.

There are several points that you can do to improve your content such as searching for trending topics, looking for relevant keywords, setting goals, and acting on it.

Boosting your content keeps your piece relevant. Plus, it increases your organic traffic. Google has its ways and standards to rank digital contents.

Finally, ensuring that you get noticed by Google needs time and extra effort. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry much about this. You can hire someone whose expertise is into content marketing and search engine optimization.

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Hire Blog Writers

As previously stated, blog writing is an effective tool to grow a business and earn money. With almost 77% of internet users reading blogs daily, we couldn’t emphasize more how important great contents are.

This gives pressure to business owners, influencers, and writers to produce quality content. If you’re one of them, you can actually be at ease while allowing experts to work with a great blog post for your website.

It takes a writer trained, equipped, and reliable enough to create a successful blog. This in turn can increase traffic. On that note, it’s easier, practical, and wiser to hire professionals who know the ups and downs of search engine optimization and the step-by-step guide to create a blog that satisfies your readers.

Indeed, there are plenty of professional writing services, but AlliedWriters should be on your top list. Armed with the skills on various writing styles including blog writing, we can give justice to your special requirements and make every piece engaging for your readers.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you boost your writing career with our top-notch blog writing services. Additionally, we don’t just offer solutions to your writing; we also have write ups about writing to guide you with your journey as a writer.

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