Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Content Writing (and How It Can Help Your Business)

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Are you currently running a business? Have you taken your business online? You might have already heard about content writing and how it can generate leads. Are you thinking about venturing into these to help boost your business? If you answered YES to the questions above, then this piece is for you. You’re on the right track, and you might want to keep on reading below.

If you have already taken your business online, you might have realized by now that your market has significantly increased in scope. You can now reach almost everyone, anytime. However, the competition has also become tighter and more intense. The internet is ever changing and you have to always come up with new ideas to stay on top of the competition. Your website should be primary of these strategies.

You might ask, how do I that? Let’s discuss in brief how, by making sure your website content stays relevant and effective, content writing can help you achieve just that.

Content Marketing and Content Writing: The Basics

When you put up a website either for personal or business purposes, you need to understand that it isn’t enough that it is simply out there. A business website should also have the intent of driving sales and generating leads. What you would need is content marketing. This strategy refers to the overall process of planning to use content to target your audience, generate leads, and eventually increase sales. It also encompasses the planning of marketing ideas and strategies for a business website.

When you already have a business plan and already determined the content that you will use, content writing then comes in. Content writing refers to the execution of the content marketing idea and plan that you have in place. This involves creating and writing for your website.

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The Processes Involved in Content Marketing and Content Writing

In order to determine an effective content plan you will later on write about, you have to go through a series of steps on how to do this. To make sure that your plan will deliver results, we have prepared some points to consider.

Keyword Research and SEO: To rank high in search results

Content writing isn’t just writing whatever you like for your website. Writing content that compels your audience is what you need. You also have to make sure that your content is visible enough that it reaches your audience. In order to do that, your content must be search engine-optimized.

This brings us to SEO writing. This process entails planning, creating, and optimizing your content, with the goal of having your content rank in search engines. Think of it this way: SEO writing is important because it combines the two elements you need for the content to reach your readers—amazing content and effective on-page SEO.

Apart from SEO writing, you also need to consider keyword research to determine what words to incorporate in your content that would guarantee search results.

Content Strategy: To determine the types of content to write

Planning the goal, your target audience, what type of content to write, when you can publish the content; all these are essential. Your goal should be carefully defined from the start, after which you can research the audience you need to target. Will you be targeting a certain age group or community? Once determined, you need to plan according to the needs and preferences of your target audience.

On the other hand, you might also want to consider the time and frequency of posting your content. Will your audience see your content if you published it on a certain day? Or will it help if you posted about a certain topic across different platforms in different instances?

Other points to consider for your content writing strategy include your content construction, monitoring, and evaluation. You should think about who would do the writing for you. Will you handle the content writing in-house, or will you be outsourcing and hiring content writing services? Your content’s performance should also be monitored and evaluated. Did it help you reach your goal? What metrics will you use to measure the success of your content? How is your content performing against other pages? Answering these questions might also help you develop more tailor-fit content for your business.

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Writing: To create effective pieces that resonate with target audiences

Of course, after doing some research and planning for your content writing, the actual writing comes next. But it is not just simply content writing for your website. Make sure it is intentional and is leaning toward generating leads and sales. Effectively execute your content marketing plan to your actual content writing. Make use of different content types and elements and make sure that your content is flawless and error-free.

5 Types of Content Writing

Finally, assess what type of content you will deliver. As you read below, you’ll see some content formats widely used nowadays which you can choose from.

1. SEO Content Writing

It’s not just about writing effectively, but also writing efficiently. A great content is wasted when it does not reach your target audience. As already noted above, SEO content writing involves writing with the intention of ranking in search engines. When a client searches for a service or topic that you cater, your offers should be the first thing they see.

SEO content writing needs to be high quality have the right keywords. These, in turn, help your topic appear in the search results, which then would lead to your target audience.

2. Social Media Content

Everyone is on social media nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat; you name it, and content writing has thrived in it. Every person that you meet has at least one social media profile. Because of that, make use of those platforms. Put up your business’ social media pages and utilize them to engage with your audience. Do enticing content writing for your social media pages, from social caption writing to full-on social post writing, to create a following and develop your branding.

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3. Blog Post

Content writing for a website’s blog sections may seem like an easy task, but it’s not. Your goal is to offer more to your clients through these blog posts. You want them to turn to your blog posts to see what other information they can get from you. Aside from that, use these blog posts to create a call to action. Make your blog posts intentional; discuss the problem you are addressing and reiterate the solutions you can give. Since writing blog posts may be a struggle for some business owners, we have rounded up some traits that you should look for your business blog writers here.

4. Website Content

Your website is an extension of your business. In fact, it is arguably the soul of your business. Because of that, make sure that you have quality content writing on your website. All aspects of your website should have quality and intentional content, from your About and Product pages to your Blog and FAQs pages. Make sure that all aspects of your website are consistent in order to convince your target market that what you are offering is what they are looking for.

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5. Newsletter and Email Marketing Content

Make use of your client directory. Develop brand loyalty by making sure that you take care of your existing customers. Make them feel special by quality email content writing. You may send them your newest offers and deals, or just send them some tips or updates regarding your brand. Don’t forget that brand and customer loyalty are some of the greatest marketing strategies you should develop.

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Putting up a business online is not a simple task, and keeping your business at the top of the competition is easier said than done. In order to do that, you need to maintain and continuously develop your business’ online persona and branding. Make use of the endless possibility and reach that the internet and online world can offer. In line with this, here’s where we come in.

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