Top Six Secret Recipes to a Killer Blog Title

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Read on and learn the top six secret recipes to a killer blog title as shared by expert providers of SEO content writing services, AlliedWriters.

1. Start with a working title.

Thinking of a killer blog title that can summarize your post can sometimes be tricky, more so when you’re in the first few stages of writing. You may spend plenty of time, so begin first with a rough draft or working title. This temporary title is imperfect yet, but it should be specific enough to guide you in writing the blog post’s body.

2. Stay accurate.

Stay accurate when writing blog titles because it sets the expectations for your readers. Offer them a glimpse of what they will read before they open the article by adding clarification brackets as in [Infographic], [Podcast], or [Interview]. Research from likewise states that headlines with these added features performed 38% better than those without them.

3. Make it mysterious.

Enhance your title by finding the language that resonates with your reader. Discover their preferred style and try using strong phrases just enough to create a punch. Likewise, focus on “who” instead of “why” to induce the curiosity of your audience and make your post mysterious.

4. Keep it short.

Based on a Buffer’s research, readers scan the title to six words only. If it’s longer, make sure that the first and last three words linger in their mind and contain the keyword(s) because they absorb that part.

5. Optimize for search and social media, too.

Optimizing the title for your audience must be the top priority, but it’s best if you can boost search engines and social media. To cover these three features, focus on the keywords your readers search, place them at the beginning, and keep your title below 70 characters.

6. Brainstorm with someone else.

Once you’re finished, take a quick break and breathe fresh air to refresh your mind before you brainstorm with someone else. This step is a vital phase in writing because you’ll get comments from other people who represent a fraction of your readers. Use their feedback to improve your blog title and test if your post is effective before you publish it on your site.

To achieve a kill-all blog post, read and follow the steps on how to write a killer blog title and develop a killer content. You can even explore our website to learn more details about our SEO content writing services.

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