LinkedIn Profile Boost: How Does Organic Posting Work to Your Advantage?

LinkedIn profile is your marketing tool
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Are you a long-time user of LinkedIn? If you are, you have witnessed how this professional network grew from simple links of individuals to what it is today—a 500 million strong brand. Yet LinkedIn isn’t only for scouting the best talents. You can also gain credibility among your network if you know how to boost your LinkedIn account. However, gaining their trust isn’t an overnight act. It takes time, sweat, brain cells, and dedication to make it work. Let’s crack a LinkedIn Profile hack: Post your organic LinkedIn content.

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile Content

LinkedIn profile lets you create your content

You must first realize that posting on this site is not similar to your social networking sites, you can’t post whatever catches your fancy. Remember, your professional image is at stake, so you must tailor what you post. Here are the steps on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile content:

1. Define your why.

Ask yourself first why do I need to post organic content? Are you a job seeker looking for better opportunities? Are you a company looking to boost your influence? Before you post, determine the purpose of your LinkedIn content. This way, you satisfy the must-haves of a native LinkedIn content for your account to be visible.

2. Identify your target audience.

Who should read your articles? In your content, set a target audience. Shape your brand according to what satisfies your purpose.

3. Create a strategy.

After you define the who and the why, figure out the how. This strategy includes the choice of topics, the frequency of posting, your timing, even the content type. In creating your strategy, determine which could affect your brand for a longer period, or which only, resorts to fad. Consider the following when you create yours:

LinkedIn profile timing is key when publishing your post

Content Topics

It’s best if upon shaping your audience, you figure out what they like to read. Remember, LinkedIn wants to show its users content about news, job posts, and popular career-related content. Satisfy these criteria, too.

You could also include puns that make your audience laugh. Offer tips, pieces of advice, or even stories that could inspire them. Cite a credible source, too. After all, despite the details LinkedIn may provide to assure your presence, the success of articles lies on its appeal, which is when you respond to their pain points and capture their emotions.


LinkedIn organic posts tend to reach high engagements during early morning or late evenings during business days, because responsibilities have yet to start, or just finished. Timing is crucial when you post because LinkedIn decides on your visibility depending on the activities your posts gets. For example, if the first few people who saw your post reacted with your content, people outside your network may see it as well.


LinkedIn recommends you to post at least 20 times a month for you to reach 60% of your target audience. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the best time to post.

4. Share with your friends.

Share your articles with your friends. If the LinkedIn account you build is for a company, then you could ask your employees to share the articles, so their network could also engage with it. Did you know if a single employee shares at least three native LinkedIn post in his/her profile, it adds up to 23 million in reach over the course of a year?

5. Check for feedback.

When you publish, look for feedback. Remember, as change is constant, you must develop new content strategies.

6. Track your progress.

While you may receive feedback from various sources, sometimes it’s a challenge how you would integrate it to your strategies. Utilize the analytics section of LinkedIn to figure out how well you’ve done. Keep what works, replace which doesn’t.

LinkedIn profile lets your career grow

More LinkedIn Profile Tips: How to Exploit Your Organic Post Reach

Need more tips to maximize your LinkedIn profile content? These tips belong to the current LinkedIn algorithm, so these apply, until a new one arrives.

1. Post within the LinkedIn website.

Status updates posted by third party tools—such as Hootsuite—get less visibility than those posted in LinkedIn natively. Activate your profile with posts in the site.

2. Create a LinkedIn version of your articles from your website.

Updates including links outside LinkedIn seem to do worse than text-only status posted inside LinkedIn. One way to generate content is to re-purpose your published articles. To satisfy posting in LinkedIn but don’t want to create new content, this technique is the key.

3. Include photos and media into your posts.

It’s necessary to put media on your profile. Got that slideshow you shared as a guest speaker? Upload it. Do you have photos and videos of your products? Post it. Not only will LinkedIn appreciate your content, your readers will, too!

4. Use few, well-chosen hashtags.

Unlike other social media sites where hashtags are necessary, LinkedIn is different. Try using three relevant hashtags at most to classify your content.

5. Mention and engage with your network.

Don’t be shy. Mention someone whenever you post! Take every opportunity to engage with your network.

LinkedIn profile lets you build your credibility

LinkedIn Profile Content: Your Key to LinkedIn Profile Boost

By now, you already know how to boost your LinkedIn profile using LinkedIn content. You don’t need to resort to schemes just to manage your reputation. All you have to do is to post quality native LinkedIn content. However, should you need expert writers to create your articles; don’t forget you have a friend in us. Allied Writers isn’t just your ally, we’re your companion to reach your goals!

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