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An average person spends more than five hours a day on the Internet. We can attribute this to the growth of article writing and invasion of digital media that we often use for many purposes. If you want your online journal to be read by others, you can amplify it with the help of these article writing ideas.

What Is A Written Article?

As defined by, an article is a piece of writing that can be published traditionally or digitally. It can be featured on a newspaper, magazine, or journal. An article may include comical stories, academic research, and literary content. A written article is more formal than a personal blog but less serious than a report.

How Article Writing Differs from Blogging?


article writing ideas

Top Article Writing Ideas to Boost Your Online Presence

1. Bring on the Latest News.

People now prefer to read latest news on the screen since it’s more convenient. To keep them coming back to your page, make sure to keep your online journal fresh and up-to-date. Don’t forget that they must be informative and relevant, too. After all, your main goal is to inform the readers. Provide them full write-ups about the talk of the town.

2. Write for Your Audience.

Readers only read what applies to them. If you want to target the general audience, see to it that people of varied ages and status can easily understand your online write-up. Knowing your target readers can help you write topics that interest them. Strive to attend to their concerns and needs. These will serve as your guide in writing.

3. Add Humor.

People love to laugh, or at least smile, so your entries don’t always have to be serious. Sometimes you’ll need to paint a smile on your reader’s face. Adding a sense of humor on your write-up can also attract and encourage your readers to stay on your page. Try to be creative and strategic on how you are going to present ideas in a more entertaining style.

4. Apply the General Rules in Online Writing.

In writing an article, there are two basic rules that you should follow. First is to keep it short.  Keeping it less can be lacking while the longer ones can be boring to read. The second rule is to say more with fewer words. Express your thoughts as brief as possible. Use simple words when you write. If you can say an idea in a word, then use it rather than stating the same idea using five words.

We hope these details and article writing ideas have helped. Try to follow these writing tips in starting up or updating your online diaries. If you need content writing services or advice from the writing experts, feel free to browse our website.

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