Writing Psychology: What Your Font Choice Says About You

elegant fonts: blog writing tips
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Did you know that your favorite font style can say something about your personality?

According to Complex Media Inc., an online community of creators and curators in the United States, our taste in font style can be directly related to our personality. Find out what you favorite typeface says about your personality:


traditional: blog writing tips

People who use traditional fonts have a stable personality. They present themselves professionally which makes people think they’re great at giving advices. They are also described as trustworthy, classy, and intelligent.


minimalistic: blog writing tips

Minimalists use light and thin fonts showing how much they value space. They crave for perfection and simplicity; they are polite, mysterious, calm, and detail-oriented in all things.


creative: blog writing tips

Individuals who prefer fonts with fancy strokes are nature lovers, creative, imaginative, artistic, cheerful, free-spirited, inspiring, and resourceful.


childlike: blog writing tips

Childlike fonts represent a loud, playful personality. People who find such fonts attractive mostly get mistaken as “trying hard” but in reality they are bubbly, cheerful, humorous, and lively.


elegant fonts: blog writing tips

Those who are fond of elegant fonts are mostly designers or calligraphers. They’re ambitious, sophisticated, emotional, stylish, attractive, and are aficionados of classic Victorian elegance.


feminine: blog writing tips

Women who like things “pretty” are attracted to fonts that look fancy and refined. They are described as loving, cheerful, passionate, assertive, charming, and outgoing.


outspoken: blog writing tips

Bold font styles are associated with people who are adventurous, daring, and assertive; they love movies and are not afraid to speak their minds.

Just like our handwriting, our font style choice can also say something about our personality. Do you know what your go-to font is?

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