4 Creative Ways to Write a Blog [Without Coffee Consumption]

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Brain juices aren’t always there to help bloggers become productive each day. Likewise, drinking coffee does not always help in doing blog writing tasks. What should you do to create interesting write-ups for your readers?

Here are ways to help you make blogs when you run out of words to write.


Philosopher G. K. Chesterton once said, “The chief object of education is not to learn things but to unlearn things (jackuldrich.com).” While you can’t forget the things you’ve learned in the past, you can challenge them with newly gained thoughts. With these new ideas coming into play, you’ll have successful unlearning.

If you regularly write blogs, you develop strategies and approaches that don’t change over the course of time. Chances are your writing style remains the same and you may get tired of it. Thus, both unlearning and getting new ideas will let you discover different techniques.


Empty your mind for a moment (seriously). Otherwise, your brain might grow tired of its constant task and possibly won’t work well in absorbing information. Thus, meditate and take a break to give your brain a relief from stress.

How do you meditate? Among options, your choice depends on your personality. Do stuff that won’t need too much thinking. You can go to a quiet place and close your eyes while reciting your mantra. Further, you can swim, take a long walk, or eat your favorite food.

After meditation, you’ll be surprised with your brain’s improved function. This signals the best time to draft a blog.


Sleep deprivation has terrible effects to human health unless you take strategic naps during daytime.

As people grow old, the required number of sleeping hours diminishes. Hence, take a nap when you need it. Thus, you give your mind a boost, a key to improving your productivity.


Invite other people to post or feature someone else’s written piece. A wise move is to connect with people that share your passion. Posting other bloggers’ outputs can help you ease your brain and give your readers a different perspective.

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