Writing 101: Which Writer Type Do You Fall Under?

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We, writers, are like candies; we differ in style, shape, size, color, and taste but we all belong in the same family. Isn’t it delightful to meet a fellow writer during your commute or in your favorite coffee shop?

If you haven’t met your siblings at pen yet, worry no more. Let us introduce you to them:

Slowfia Vergara
I love being slow: essay writing service

Motto:Slowly but surely.
Slowfia works slowly for a reason: she values quality over quantity. She doesn’t care how many content she finishes as long as they are all detailed and polished for her audience to understand her message.

Beyonce Knowledge
want to appease me? Compliment my brain!: essay writing service

Motto:Knowledge is power.
Beyonce never runs out of ideas. She’s so full of inspiration that when you attempt to look at her “idea board”, you’ll see notes, photos, and other knick-knacks that feed her drive.

Harry Plotter

my room is just an organized mess: essay writing service

Motto: “Organizing is much better than cleaning.”
Harry isn’t like others who can write on the spot; he won’t start without his 5,000-word outline. And don’t even dare place a blue folder between the yellow ones… just don’t.

Pen Diesel
Jim Carrey typing fast: essay writing service

Motto:Speed defines everything!
An average person can type 38 to 40 wpm (words per minute), but Pen can push it to 70 wpm. But despite his incredible speed, his creative fuel depletes fast which requires him to take long breaks to regain inspiration.

Jennifer Goneryou're not going to see me again: essay writing service

Motto:Now you see me, now you don’t.
Jennifer doesn’t disappear. But there was this book she said she’s “working” on but then no one knows what happened to it.

Shailene Wordley
I am so amazing: writer type: essay writing service

Motto:I let my excellence do the talking.
Shailene can put to words even the most complex thoughts; she multi-tasks and puts all her ideas into action. Never doubt why she’s the superstar of the team.

Lazy McGuire
I have a real problem with motivation: essay writing service

Lazy loves writing, that’s for sure. But the thing is, she has writer-mode-on moments and listen-to-Bruno-Mars’-The-Lazy-Song”-moments.

Chris Hemswork
come at me, bro! essay writing service

Motto:Bring it on!
Chris is a warrior. He manages to create quality content while working on other important tasks like composing grant proposals, making newsletters, answering calls, etc.

Chew Barrymore
eats sandwich while typing: essay writing service

Motto:The second best place to write is in the kitchen.
Chew only stops writing when she has to refill her cup or when she needs to lick the cheese powder off of her fingertips.

Emo Watson
I just have a lot of feels!: essay writing service

Motto:I write with my tears.
If you want an article full of feels, head to Emo’s website. She writes with her emotions and this makes it easy for readers to connect with her on a deeper level.

Which writer personality are you? Despite of our differences we unite with one vision: to write engaging content for our audiences and to provide essay writing service our clients deserve.

Are you in search for professional writers to create content for your brand? Contact us for inquiries today!

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