Six Writing Tactics to Tap Your Audience’s Attention

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Do you always cross your fingers every time you make an online content? Are you hoping your readers will enjoy, read, and share the articles you have written? Can you not stop wondering how to charm your audience with your sentences and use of vocabulary?

Take control of what you write. Grasp your readers’ attention by following these six writing tactics below:

1. Create a catchy title/headline.

Title is the only part of your article that readers always read, so make it stand out. Try these techniques when composing your headline:

• Make it instructional (Ex: Guide/How to/How not to).
• Quantify it (Ex: “Five Surefire Tips…”).
• Make it urgent/important.
• Ask a question
• Be quirky.

2. Write an interesting opening sentence.

Apart from the headline, readers will judge you based on the first few lines of your content. Make sure they are interesting to pull your audience in and get them to keep reading. Make use of these striking opening lines:

• Ask a question.
• Share a quote.
• Make a claim.
• Use an analogy or metaphor.
• State the benefit of reading your article.
• Be controversial.
• Use recent statistics.

3. Make it personal.

Hold your readers’ attention by making your writing personal. Talk to them on subjects, problems, or situations they can relate to easily. Connect with them and make them feel they are speaking to a friend and not a stranger. Follow these helpful tips:

• Write as you speak.
• Share personal experiences.
• Use everyday language.
• Write for a specific audience in mind.
• Discuss relevant topics.
• Tell a real-life story.

4. Identify your audience.

Whom are you writing for? Are you communicating with a 7-year-old kid, a single mother with six kids, or a retiree? Know your target audience so you will recognize the right language and mood you must use in your article.

5. Use specific details.

Elaborate on your points. Specific details hold more attention compared to longer content that provides a general overview of the topic.

6. Include relevant photos.

Presence of pictures in your article will not only catch your reader’s attention; it will help your audience understand your write-up, too.

The best content writing strategy is to keep writing, revising, and asking reactions from readers on how you write. Through your reader’s feedback, you will learn how to capture their attention and stay on your web site.

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