Don’t Turn Off Clients with These Email Writing Mistakes

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email writing mistakes

Most people spend time in checking and sending emails. It’s a vital tool for mavens and even common people as a means of communication. However, whether you’re a pro, a freelance writer or business owner, you’re prone to make slips in email writing. It looks easy to create one, but snubbing mistakes and clichés removes the heart of email writing. Often, people make email writing mistakes that discourage the receiver to go over it or even reply.

Try to impress whether it’s just a simple email that could be a key to your career growth. Below are email writing errors you shouldn’t commit.

Before Sending Your Email, Shun These 10 Email Writing Mistakes

1. Skipping the greetings and closing remarks

The email is still a means of communication, so forgetting to greet or close one seems rude. Begin with warm greetings unless you want to sound demanding. Further, polite greetings build a good impression and bring no harm but instead a friendly vibe.

2. Ignoring the subject line

Most people forget or ignore this part of the email. This section is important to introduce your message in the exchange. Besides, it makes locating a topic easier and offers a quick reminder if an email is urgent.

3. Excluding the recipient’s name

This email writing mistake is a killer. Imagine getting an email sent to you without your name in it. In fact, researching for a minute to be sure of your recipient’s name will save you from this slip. Whether you’re only tired or you ran out of time to research the client’s info, it won’t matter. Make it rather a habit to name a specific person, firm, or group in your message.

4. Committing an error in the recipient’s data

In line with number three, making sure you keyed in the right info gives better results than crashing a good impression. To look unprofessional with petty mistakes kills your chances of winning the approval of a potential client or receiving your request.

5. Squeezing in too much info

Who’ll love an email with the length of a novel? No one will. Emails must be brief and direct. You wouldn’t want your recipient reading a lengthy message and soon sending a reply because of confusion. Likewise, keep it nice, brief, and concise. When you favor your client, it saves you time and results in a positive outcome.

6. Using vague words

You aren’t creating a mix-up with your recipient but a bunch of wasted time and effort. A wide range of lexis is fascinating; however, use relevant words. Instead of strengthening your pro image with ambiguous words, you’re wrecking your own.

7. Keying in important details

What do you mean by important details? These include contact numbers, dates, places and even the position. When you use the wrong details, it can break job prospects or sales and lose clients. For example, when you typed in a wrong digit in your contact number, don’t assume to receive a call because you won’t.

8. Lacking courtesy

Saying a simple “thank you” or “please” in sending your email sounds polite. However, it’s one of the common email writing mistakes. Even when you’re sending an attachment or a work-related message, always use proper remarks. It won’t harm using such words to draw a positive vibe.

9. Using the wrong email format

No matter how good is your content, it drags down if you’re using the wrong format. Basic positioning of the info can define a good format. It’s easy to follow the simple email format and deliver a concise content. Consider spaces, font style and size, and capitalization. Further, don’t drag yourself with poor grammar and email practices.

10. Sending without proofreading

You may have a busy schedule but take time to proofread your email before sending it. In addition, a poor email can create a bad impression from your client and can destroy your repute.

Worst Email Phrases and Words You Must Never Use

worst email phrase and words you must never use_infographic

Send a flawless email and not just create a professional link with your clients. It shows your professional side as a person and potential partner. Hence, avoiding email writing mistakes improves work efficiency. In ditching these slips in email writing, you prevent wasted time and effort.

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