13 Ways for You to Brush Up Your Writing Skills

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As a content marketer, you understand how critical it is to reach your target market. That’s why you create articles every day to provide them share-worthy information. But how can you keep them interested? Should you focus on the strategies alone? Before you brainstorm for new ideas, first improve your writing skills with these tips:

1. Understand the basic principles

Being knowledgeable of at least basic writing principles is like having an instruction manual in your mind. It’s important because it will be your most comprehensive resource on the correct use of grammar, word choice, and so on.

2. Practice

There’s a common adage, “Practice makes perfect.” So if you want to be a great writer, write on a regular basis until you become satisfied with the improvement. Not only will it hone your skills but it will help you find your unique style, too.

3. Make reading a habit

According to Melissa Donovan of Writing Forward, an online resource of creative writing tips for writers and artists; if you want to write well, you must read well. The more you read, the more you’ll have knowledge of the rules in writing.

4. Find a writing comrade

Friends that work together, grow together. Writing may be considered as a reclusive activity, but having a pen friend will be a great way to improve the skills of one another. Imagine how fun it can be giving feedback to each other.

5. Join writing workshops or classes

Are you the type who prefers to work in a team? You can develop your skills by joining a writing workshop. There are content marketing groups online or in nearby places where you can choose a topic, write about it, listen to the group’s feedback, and revise your work.

6. Find your interest

The works of your favorite author can also inspire you to evolve into a better writer. Find a handful of his/her recent posts that you like, print those out, grab a pen, and highlight the sentences or phrases that interest you the most.

7. Make an outline

As writers, the blinking cursor of a blank page is our ultimate foe. To avoid a long pause that can turn into procrastination, create a simple framework with sections appearing in certain order.

8. Proofread and edit your work

Editing can be difficult especially for beginners. But you can somehow become your own editor by disciplining yourself to eliminate conflicting words, writing in the active voice, avoiding run-on sentences, etc.

9. Find a good editor

If your articles are still not getting attention, you will need a good (and patient) editor to touch it up. He/she will show you what and why something is not working and how you can fix it.

10. Speak your mind

A self-restricted writer produces plain, boring content. If you want to engage your readers, discover your voice and don’t be afraid to share your insights. As long as you don’t use libelous claims, there’s nothing you should be afraid of.

11. Research

Backing up your work with statistics, reports, studies, etc. will strengthen your claims; it will make you an expert in your industry as well.

Note: Choose your sources wisely. There are unreliable online sources such as Wikipedia, WikiHow, and so on.

12. Re-read your old works

Some source of inspiration can be found in your previous works. Reread your earlier writings and there you’ll see how much you’ve changed for the better. You can give yourself a pat on the back!

13. Don’t take too long finishing your work

The longer you take to finish your work, the more your topic goes to rut. Set an editorial calendar to publish your works on time.

Lastly, be a responsible writer. If you’re cautious to the tone, voice, and manner of your writing, good results will follow.

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