Seven Superb Tips for Effective Article Rewriting

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Whether it’s for search engine optimization (SEO), rephrasing blogs, or other purposes, article rewriting has become more in-demand today. Aside from being the most effective way to extract value from your write-ups, rewriting eases your job because you don’t write from scratch anymore. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can take it for granted. You can’t just insert a few new phrases anywhere. In rewriting articles, keep the thought of the original content.

To learn the best ways in rewriting articles, check out the following tips we’ve listed here.

1. Reread the original article several times.

If you’re having problems rewriting, reread the original passage over and over again. Look for words you don’t know and find out what they mean. Make sure you understand the content’s topic and the author’s message.

2. Write your own introduction.

Since your opening paragraph enables you to captivate your readers or lose them to your rivals, make sure you put the relevant content at the start. Likewise, make it catchy and engaging to keep readers reading until the end of your article.

3. Add headings and subheadings.

Headings and subheadings can improve your article’s layout. Then again, when you add one to a long section, it can make your article more readable. Further, expound a section by placing a subheading that will tell readers what it discusses.

4. Use graphics.

If the original piece includes many figures, turn it into an infographic or use bar or pie charts to get your point across in visuals. Yet, don’t overdo them. While it’s easy to fill your content with bullets, charts, and graphics, keep them to a minimum so your piece won’t appear too heavy. Expert copy editors say it’s better to remove graphics and other visuals in an article if they don’t serve a purpose other than as eye candy.

5. Share your ideas.

Rewriting articles doesn’t mean you should rephrase the whole material. If you got new ideas or you disagree with the author’s thoughts, express them. Let readers hear your voice. Though you’re “rewriting” the article, you’re using it as a reference, too. In this case, you don’t have to stay true to the original write-up unless your clients ask you to do so but keep its thought intact.

6. Put a few links.

To support facts and increase their value, add links to your article. In particular, make sure what you used are live and come from reliable and high-quality websites, so search bots and users won’t have a hard time finding them.

7. Rearrange the content.

In addition, don’t follow the original content’s exact order. It’s better if you edit a few parts. Sometimes, rephrasing and rewriting words aren’t enough to make an article unique. Reorganize the whole article, too.

The most important point to remember when rewriting articles is you’re copying ideas, not the content itself. If you wish to become an expert in it, the only secret is sheer determination. In contrast, if you don’t want to spend too much time rewriting articles, hire a professional. Contact Allied Writers today! Besides, writing quality write-ups, it does proofreading and rewriting articles on any topic, too.


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