11 Tactics Providers of the Best Content Writing Services Use

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Do you want to boost your selling efforts and rank high in Google SERP or search engine results page? Here are strategies firms offering the best content writing services use.

Must-Try Tactics of the Industry’s Best Content Writing Services

1. Use a calendar.

Planning is vital to the digital marketing industry. As a content marketer or search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter, you need a calendar. Creating one allows you to plan and picture each writing activity for the year. Further, it lets you plan around important dates, find gaps in your approach, and keep publishing constancy.

2. Craft an outline.

A detailed outline for your articles, blogs, and web copies helps you. In particular, it saves you time and effort and aids you in making an article with better readability and fuller optimization.

3. Go evergreen.

Google offers a freshness score to this content, one that stays relevant for years or forever. Therefore, if your articles aren’t evergreen, update or remove them before they go stale and decrease your ranking.

4. Write for readers, not for SEO.

Yes, SEO matters! Yet, finding your content and reading it are two different stuffs. For instance, a user runs a search and finds your page, opens it, reads the first two sentences, scans the rest, and then leaves. Such isn’t a good picture, right? Remember, search engines don’t buy your products and services—people do.

5. Create social headlines.

The best way to gain traffic by way of social media is to write “social” headlines. People are on social media because of interesting and entertaining content. In fact, they don’t want to read something they already know. Thus, offer something that will give them that “Aha!” moment.

6. Mind the length.

Expert SEO content writers say Google prefers write-ups that are long and inclusive. A Forbes report agrees to this, stating that the average word count for top-ranking content is from 1,140 to 1,285 words. So, the next time you write an article, give a complete coverage of your topic instead of writing a shorter content that just brushes the surface of your topic.

7. Use keywords.

Include keywords in your article, more so in the title, header, section headings, introduction, and conclusion. Hence, as stated by the Searchmetrics report, top-ranking pages saw a surge in the total sum of keywords used in the body of the text.

8. Include internal links.

To get backlinks, highlight key phrases within your content and link them to other articles in your site. Further, Google loves sites that feature great user experience.

9. Use relevant and proof terms.

Relevant and proof terms support and “prove” the relevance of your content to the main topic. By using them, you show Google and your readers you’re covering the whole topic.

Proof terms are words and phrases used for a particular topic. For instance, “search” is the common term to use when writing about SEO. Relevant terms, in contrast, are words to use along with the main keyword to give an inclusive coverage of the topic. When you discuss SEO, relevant words could be “rankings,” “Panda,” or “Google.”

10. Use header and meta tags.

Did you know 99% of top 10 pages have a meta description and 80% use an H1 tag? While the meta description won’t help your content rank higher, it acts as an “ad copy” in SERPs. Hence, besides creating headers and meta tags, make them unique and let them describe the main topic.

11. Note the reading level.

When you search for something on Google, it rearranges search results based on reading level. Thus, experts tell content writers to check the readability of their write-ups to make sure they’re perfect for their target audience.

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