Sales Letter Writing: How to Make It Effective

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sales letter writing

Does your mind always go blank whenever you start writing a sales letter? Are you confused about where to start or what to include? If that’s the case, then read these pieces of advice from the experts in sales letter writing.


Hitting Your Targets with Sales Letter Writing

Before you start typing any word on your blank document, you must first acquire and analyze your list of targeted customers.

Direct mail remains to be a great way to reach target clients and sales letter is its most customized form. Once you have addressed the customer by name and need, you’re sure to be one-step ahead of others.

The main goal is to offer solutions that speak directly to your customer’s problems, whether it’s business-to-consumer or business-to-business. To start sending out effective sales letters, heed these tips from sales experts:

1. Build trust.
Adding high-profile endorsements from associates and former clients can bolster interest and inject zing to your letter.

2. Establish credibility.
Explain who you are, why you’re useful, and what you have to offer. Avoid being verbose and boring. Be unique and don’t use generalized statements.

3. Emphasize good looks.
Take time to design your document for visual impact. Putting your company logo and branding gives a professional feel to your letter.

4. Include a call to action.
Guide your reader on what he or she should do next. Lines such as, “Call us now on this number” is likely to be more effective than “You can contact us.”

5. Add an incentive.
Always clarify when, why, and how customers should take action. Then include an incentive for acting sooner, like discounts, freebies, or special offers.

6. Resist “Mail Merge”
Don’t succumb to the temptation of form letters. Despite the ease and speed of “find and replace” in e-mails, you should send specialized letters whenever it’s appropriate.

7. Test, test, and test.
In contrast to the best-customer target, try bulk mailing. Send out a few versions of your sales letter to small groups of targets and check the style and format that gives the best results.

8. Hit the right tone.
Your letter should reflect your personality. If your style is casual and informal, don’t create a too formal letter filled with corporate jargons. Your letter should match the way you do business.

We hope that these tips in sales letter writing helped you make an effective one. If you don’t have time to create your own, feel free to contact Browse through our pages for other writing services we offer.