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a man studying the grant writing basics in a laptop

Grant Writing Basics: Best Features of a Proposal

Did you know that most folks who get the monies do deserve the funds? The most crucial thing that funders look for when you tender a grant request is the written proposal itself. For this reason, you have to know the grant writing basics to aid you in doing a worthwhile proposal. The Grant Writing

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Instagram caption ideas you can use to boost your brand

Instagram Caption Ideas That Are Spot on for Your Brand

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram come to mind when we talk about social media. These social media giants set as a potential market for personal and product branding. Most people spend most of their time glued to their mobile phones to surf the internet. Hence, marketers see this as a great opportunity to target their

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8 Great Ways to Apply Ethics in Grant-Writing

Various grant-writers’ groups set, impose, and follow standards and a code of ethics that show their collective value as professionals. Even with the rules of right practice or conduct, though, each one must have qualities that follow grant-writing ethics. Allied Writers rounded up a list of ways to help you apply Grant-Writing ethics as professionals

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important ways to writing a corporate profile

Ten Secrets to Writing an Engaging Corporate Profile

A corporate profile sums up a company’s history, goals, function, and outlook. Some companies use it as a marketing tool to urge clients and stakeholders to purchase their products and services. Likewise, you may share it with the public and with investors that would like to know your company’s mission and service(s). What to Include

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tablet used for online copywriting services

8 Points to Ponder before Hiring Online Copywriting Services

Online copywriting services have a huge potential to overturn a business. However, you should consider many things before you hire a copywriting firm to get the best out of its service. Here are eight factors to consider before hiring a firm that offers online copywriting services: 1. Professionalism Jacqueline Bodnar in one of her blogs

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