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grant writing skills

Grant Writing Skills Every Writers Should Know

“Writing a competitive grant is a gamble, with no guarantee of a payoff for the effort invested,” said Herbert Landau. Grant writing is not for everyone. This task entails thorough skills on grammar and research. Writers should not only understand the grant application. They should also keep an eye to the funding details. With that,

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a writer working on an article while following the article writing tips from allied writers

Article Writing Tips for Better Search Engine Ranking

Making money out of your passion can be tough—but not with writing. Is writing your passion? If yes, then consider doing article writing and start earning now. Most people believe that you have to be skilled and talented to become an article writer. Yes, you should, however, you can gain these skills and expertise through

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SEO content writing

How to Develop a Killer Content

A content marketing strategy depends on the content’s quality. If you have great ones, they will boost your marketing results considerably. But, if a mediocre or average content is what you’ve got, then your campaign will never work. If you want a successful inbound marketing strategy, you must consider SEO content writing and challenge yourself to

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SEO content writing

5 Ways to Quickly Increase Your Income as an SEO Copywriter

As more and more brands discover the value and potential of digital marketing, business owners and clients are becoming invested in hiring SEO content writing experts who can craft powerful and effective contents. So if you’re looking to earn a little extra by using your strategic SEO skills, here are some extra services you can offer:

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Man with great article writing ideas

Article Writing Ideas to Fire up Your Online Presence

An average person spends more than five hours a day on the Internet. We can attribute this to the growth of article writing and invasion of digital media that we often use for many purposes. If you want your online journal to be read by others, you can amplify it with the help of these

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